Simply Sesame Noodles With Char Siew

This bowl of sesame noodles is a really simple dish to make. If you are a noodle person and you don’t mind cold dishes, this dish will satisfy your hunger very easily, what with its sesame fragrance and savoury flavours....more

Rice Dumpling a.k.a. Dragon Boat Festival

It was a tag-team effort: I cooked the rice and prepared the ingredients; he wrapped up the dumplings and secured them with strings. Nevertheless, the collaborative effort took an entire day before we could wrap it up....more

A Golden Pot Of Chicken & Potatoes

A nice meal to have on a really busy weekend – one full of carbo and energy to freshen up and prepare for a new, busy week ahead. ...more

Southwest Shredded Chicken(slow cooker recipe)

With it's creamy texture, southwest flavoring, and easy prep work this chicken has a lot going for it. A definite crowd-pleaser. Serve on sandwich buns or wrapped up in a tortilla. Recipe at:

Orange Sponge Cake – Arise, Let It Rise!

This is definitely a cake that screams ‘HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!‘Read more from 'Orange Sponge Cake – Arise, Let It Rise!'....more

Stir-fried Threadfin With Celery

Given the many varieties of vegetables  (celery, cabbage, spinach etc) and fish (threadfin, mackerel, batam fish etc), it is actually not difficult to cook up a dish of stir-fry with fish and vegetables, given the many combinations available. What one needs, of course, would be the freshest fish on offer in the market and the rest would be easy....more

My Favourite 3-Minute Meal – Bak Chor Mee (Minced Pork Noodles Dry)

This is a simple dish that everyone can make, given that one has the right chili, of course. It is what I grew up eating and loving to eat. So if the Straits Times were to interview me for ‘Foodie Confidential’ of the Sunday Lifestyle section and ask me what I would eat before I die, 2 bowls of this is enough to send me to heaven....more