Cool Produce Secret (at Kroger) and an Easy Week Meal Plan

So I had a pretty successful grocery trip to Kroger and bought all of the following fresh veggie packs, all marked down. Pretty exciting.   I also learned that Kroger does their mark downs on all produce 3 days out from the "use by" date. The tricky thing is that they only have 1 employee who marks down one section (in the whole store) per day....more

Healthy Eating without Breaking the Bank or Using Coupons

Cooking can be expensive, especially if you love experimenting. Cooking healthfully, let alone organically, has almost become cost prohibitive. Why on earth are 4 ears of corn $5 at Fresh Market?! I understand there is a drought, but come on. Those bad boys are $0.50 at the Farmers Market!I am a pretty stubborn person, and I love to cook. When I noticed prices steadily and dramatically climbing on the foods we loved, I was determined to find a way to eat the same foods without suffering financially. I never found coupons useful because they are often for processed foods....more

15 Kitchen Tips to Save Time, Money & Sanity

   As part of my Eatin’ On The Cheap series I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks I utilize in my own kitchen. Each of these ideas will help save you time, money and/or sanity – or if you’re lucky they will save you all three. - Buy larger packs of ground meat and cook it all up at once. Then separate the cooked meat into 1-2 cup portions and toss them in the freezer for future meals. - Making homemade pizza?...more

How to make lavender vinegar


Campfire-Charred Eggplant

[Editor's Note: I love eggplant, but have never tried to cook it over a campfire. That will change, now that I've read this evocative post about a backpacking trip in Israel and a wonderful eggplant dish created with very little equipment, only four ingredients, and the incredible seasoning provided by woodsmoke and the great outdoors. --Genie] ...more
Love it!!! more

How to Cook 60 Hot Dogs At a Time in the Slow Cooker

[Editor's Note: How many hot dogs will fit in a slow cooker? You'll learn the answer to that question and more in this helpful post, which illuminates how to cook hot dogs for a crowd using this particular piece of equipment. It's a handy trick when you have a lot—no, really, a lot—of people coming over, and it's perfect for outdoor summer gatherings where you want to have hot dogs but the grill is otherwise occupied. --Genie] ...more
Works for tamales toomore

Simple Herbed Ricotta At Home

[Editor's Note: I've had homemade ricotta (and, for that matter, homemade mozzarella) on my list of things to learn how to make for about two years now. It doesn't sound difficult at all, but I just haven't gotten it done. Luckily, here are clear and straightforward instructions...I think this is going to be the year when I make this delightful cheese at home! --Genie] ...more

August Adventure into Saving Money and Frugal Recipes

I am having a link up for money saving tips and frugal recipes. Times are getting even tougher and I'd love to gather information from all kinds of blogs on your frugal ideas. Please visit for details....more

Now is the time for Blueberries

I don't know about you but up here in Alaska the blueberries are thick in the stores! Huge luscious boxes of berries just begging to be made into something fantastic. And to top it all off in a few weeks the native Alaska blueberries will make their grand entrance and then it's an all our feast-apalooza to end all. Here are a few links to some of my all time favorite berry recipes....more

A Sweet Salad of Honey Roasted Carrots

[Editor's Note: Though carrots are the star of this recipe, I love that it includes roasted radishes, which are something I really enjoy eating. I just saw carrots and radishes at my local farmers' market yesterday, and this is a great way to put them to use! --Genie] Honey Roasted Carrot Salad ...more
 @baxtronlife Exactly -- so pretty and healthy, too!more