Kroger vs Wal Mart

For a long time now Kroger's was one of the only places to get your groeries around here.  As I got older more and more grocers popped up, some sticking around for years others were gone so fast I barely remember their names!Just recently Cincinnati and Daytonn regional Kroger's announced that they would be slashing prices on hundreds of items and as of March 1st would no longer take double coupons, that has thrown a wrench in my savings plans let me tell ya!...more

Winter Gardening: Growing Potatoes Indoors!

I am utterly fascinated with the concept of four-season gardening. Here in New England, growing stuff in the winter is no easy feat, but I have been hoping to work on extending my garden season, so I’ve been reading up a lot of ways to garden year round. With that goal in mind, last month we began a little experiment… we are currently attempting to grow potatoes inside!  We've always had good luck growing potatoes out in our garden beds, and I did read that potatoes can do very well in containers, so we thought we'd give it a go....more

Coupon frenzy? Let this lady do all the work for you....

Ok so my next tip is regarding couponing! I have found an amazing site and it has been a huge lifesaver. She does everything for me except print or cut out the coupons. Every Sunday after I gather my paper coupons I go to her site. She has everything sorted by store! I grab the stores weekly ad and see what she has to say. She tells you what good deals are at each store and where to get the coupon....even past coupons. She cuts out all of the hard work. I put each stores coupons into their own envelope with that stores list....more

Dishwashers and Washers Need Love Too

Dirty, grimy, smelly and just plain disgusting are a few ways to describe an unmaintained dishwasher.  Dirty and smelly do a great job of describing an unmaintained washer.  I have both and regularly maintain them both....more

Just give me a cow and some chickens.....

We survived the party! Our daughter is officially one. Her party was a success and we appreciate everyone who made it. Next year we might delay her party. Seems everyone, even me, had something. We had quite a few day of cancellations....but who doesn't love cupcakes? We had enough for one every night for a week! But it was a wonderful party and we look forward to many more. Is it terrible I am already planning next years theme? Oh it's a toss up Cinderella or Alice in wonderland?...more

Quick post: Pantry Management app!

  Last night, MIL called me from her office, and asked "I'm leaving work, do you need anything from the store?"  I said "No, we're good, just come home, I've got dinner in the oven." Silly me.  ...more

Fresh Taste of Spring with Homemade Strawberry Jam

Warm, sunny days with the sounds of birds chirping.  People are walking more and just a bit nicer as you pass on the street.  The garden centers are packed with people buying plants to landscape their yards.  There is a type of hope after the cold dreary days of winter start to thaw.  Admittedly, Central Florida does not have that long of cold weather, but the skies get a bit cloudy and sad.  This is our dry season here....more
@Karen Ballum That was when I always made jam up in Michigan.  It is funny how Florida ...more

My Frugal Valentine: 5 Cheap Date Ideas

Love don't cost a thing, unless it's Valentine's Day....more
Thank you Erica for these tips...   Happy Valentines Day 2013..

6 Ways To Use Stale Bread

Today I am writing about the titillating topic of stale bread.  I have used stale bread back in my nonfrugal days for stuffing my turkey or chicken. I never knew what other really money saving and easy ways to utilize it.The reason I am writing this is I have a loaf of homemade white bread that I forgot to add salt to the dough as I made it.  YUCK!  If you haven’t made this mistake then let me tell you it is just sad.  The salt added flavor and is without it is just a moist cracker.  Eww....more

How to Grocery Shop on a Budget Using Coupons

It’s Sunday, so for me that means weekly coupon organizing, grocery shopping and weekly meal planning. I was excited about how much I brought home today at Tops for under my budget, so I decided to write a post about it because this is something that I’m sure many people struggle with....more