Meal Memo in a Jar

I'm not always good at meal planning. I forget to defrost the meat in time. Some days I'm too hungry to wait an hour or more for cooking. I get so busy that I just throw quick things together....more

Flower Power Eggs Make Breakfast Beautiful

[Editor's Note: These happy-making eggs are beyond simple to make, but are a lovely addition to the breakfast table any day of the week. They're a wonderful idea, especially if you make them with an assortment of colored pepper rings. --Genie] ...more
Seen this floating around Pinterest for a while... think I'm gonna try it!more

Poor Man's Lasagna

Reduce the Waste week-long Challenge

I am issuing a challenge this week, my friends! This week, starting today, will be Reduce the Waste week at Happy Home, and you too can participate!...more

Make your Own Vanilla Extract

Making this at home was really easy! It also seems like it will be a lot cheaper- organic vanilla extract (a small 4 oz jar) was $11 at my local food co-op- woah!...more

Pickles McFancy

These days, the kids are pickling everything. Every single  blessed thing!  They’re pickling the vegetables, they’re pickling the eggs.  They’re even pickling the livers, I tell you.  Nothing is safe from this pickling craze.  Just about everything is in brine all willy nilly....more

Build your own Spice Rack (pt 2)

This is a continuation, so if you didn't catch the first part, check it out here. Now that you have your materials, you might need to cut them to size. If you've gotten your boards from a hardware store, they will probably cut them for you for free. Once you've got 'em cut, bring 'em home- they're ready to assemble!...more

Build your own Spice Rack (pt 1)

I'm not that handy, friends, when it comes to building things. If it involves a drill and a wall and a picture frame, I'm AWESOME at it. If it involves a drill and wood and a saw and measuring acurately and patience, I'm not as awesome. Usually, my impatience wins, and I end up with a crappy looking poorly-made project. This spice rack was about to meet that same fate- two boards, hung hapazardly on a wall....more

Making Stock of Things

What a long and wonderful weekend.  Complete with snowmen and sledding, sleeping in (kind of) and doing whatever we want.  As usual, on long, uncommitted weekends, I find myself in the kitchen.  It's just where I end up.  I am constantly behind on dishes and irritated about the clutter on my countertops, but I realized this weekend that it is mostly my own doing.  Remember when I canned all those pickles and the applesauce?  Well, that was on top of cooking dinners, making lun...more

The Salad Days

When I moved into my first apartment, I was heady with the power of being able to live on my own terms. I could go to bed when I wanted, eat what I wanted, listen to what I wanted, wander around in my underwear if I wanted. It was my space. My place. But what I wanted to do was save jars and use them for glasses and keep a festering bucket of pulp in my kitchen into which I chopped up old newspapers and junk mail which I  used to make my own paper on the weekends. In a time before curbside recycling, I assiduously rinsed out containers and found uses for them....more