Organic: Is it Worth the Cost?

A common question I receive, and a very good one at that, especially now that we are entering warmer months where produce abounds.Let's start here:There's a difference between a food being nutritious and a food being free of pesticides.  So let's begin by taking a look at the nutritional value of organic foods versus conventional.Are organic foods more nutritious?...more

Buckwheat Kasha with Mushrooms & Onions

Buckwheat has been my best friend over the last couple of months. I’ve been making buckwheat as a side dish anytime we would normally have quinoa or rice. I find buckwheat to be yummier than both quinoa and rice – it has such a nice, earthy taste. Maybe it just reminds me of childhood – we never heard of quinoa in Ukraine, and buckwheat kasha was definitely a more traditional side dish than rice....more

Rice Pudding with Mixed Fruits In Three Simple Steps

We finally decided to give it a try – rice pudding. It seems like a favourite among the Westerners here, and in any case, curiosity finally got the better of us, so, here goes!...more

April Real Food Meal Plan

Am I the only one being driven insane by the kidlets trapped in the house? It's freezing out, my car is coated in ice, and all I want are April showers. Somebody down south, please send this New England girl some spring....more

10 Intriguing New Ideas for Leftover Easter Egg Salad

It's the Monday after Easter, and if you celebrate the holiday, you likely have leftover hard-boiled eggs hanging out in the fridge. Sure, you can mash up some eggs, mix in a bit of mayo and mustard, and you've got traditional egg salad. Who needs a recipe for that? But if you want to get a little more creative with your leftover boiled eggs, here are 10 fresh new twists on egg salad for Meatless Monday. One of these just might become your new tradition!...more
Anita_Sarah Oh good, glad it's going to be a hit.more

20 Meals in 20 Minutes on a budget

20 Meals in 20 MinutesBy Jennifer Szohr, April 5, 2015Let’s talk about how busy life is for a second.  Life is busy.  There’s my second....more

Soft & Delicious #Tortilla with #Chicken and #Mushroom

Dinner is ready, let's roll! Definitely yes!Tonight's dinner was indeed a roll of goodness, a combination of flavors and a satisfying meal at every single bite.   ...more