Crunch Time With Stir-Fried Bean Sprouts & Salted Fish

Which means more cooking, more recipe blogs, and more experiments in the kitchen! I’m absolutely elated! I’ve decided to start with this recipe simply because of the huge piece of salted fish that came back with me from London....more

Tex Mex Taco Pasta

This Tex Mex Taco Pasta reminds me of dishes that I ate while spending many years in the Southwest.  I spent many years living close to the border, I grew to love, and even crave, Mexican Food.  I am always on the lookout for great recipes that have the perfect blend of spicy and hot!...more

Retrieving The ‘Teochew Stir-Fried Cucumber & Onion With Egg’ Taste

It is difficult. You start off not knowing exactly how it should taste like, and yet you know when you’ve gotten it wrong. I could only give it my best shot in my attempt to discover what my mama’s secret recipe contains....more

Fragrant Tom Yam Rice – Last Recipe Blog In 2010?

I must admit this – cooking IS a luxurious hobby to have, given that one must have many condiments and ingredients to start with in order to feed each of these recipes. I can’t do that here in Durham anymore. Baking soda? Chuck. Teriyaki sauce? Chuck. Garam Masala? Chuck. Can’t find it here either....more

Dinner Notebook

When I was working full time, I didn't have the energy, nor the time, to prepare and make home-cooked meals. Dinners consisted of freezer to oven/pan meals which were rotated about every two weeks. My goal back then was to feed my family and allow us to enjoy dinner together. A typical week of suppers looked like this:Monday- Morningstar Farm Chicken patties and saladTuesday- taquitoes and couscous...more

Egg Drop Soup (蛋花湯)

I wonder why, but the meaning of this dish has become lost in translation. ‘蛋花湯’, literally ‘egg flower soup’, describes the appearance of the egg ‘exploding’ when it cooks quickly in heat; ‘Egg Drop Soup’ on the other hand describes the way the soup is cooked – not that this is the most accurate description anyway....more

Inexpensive Meals

With summer fast approaching if you are like me, we tend to need ideas for quick, easy and inexpensive meals.  During the summer I find we entertain more, the kids have extra friends and cousins over.  Not to mention the kids are home all day, so you need to feed them breakfast, lunch and dinner. The need for inexpensive meals comes in handy when you are facing a tougher financial time or even when you are trying to put more money towards debt pay off, or saving for a family vacation, or big ticket item.   I find wh...more

More With Less Weekly Meal Plan

Feed your family of four a week of dinners with a shopping cart maximum of $95.This is not your average meal plan. The point of this meal plan is to help you be smart with your money. Use cheap ingredients to make dinners, without eating beans and rice or pasta every night. These are dinners for regular families living on a budget....more

5 Easy Ways to be Frugal

When you think about being frugal, you probably think of planting your own garden or spending hours every day clipping coupons and comparing store ads. But that's not how being frugal looks for everyone. That's certainly not how it looks to me. I'd love to have a garden and clip coupons but my current residence doesn't have the space for a garden and I don't have near enough time in a day or even a week to clip coupons (I tried it). ...more