Minty Green Iced Tea

SUMMER IS HERE! And it finally feels like summer. IT IS HOT. I prefer the lower 80’s partly cloudy weather. But it’s been high 80’s/mid 90’s sunny, humid – the kind of weather where you really don’t want to wear pants. And since it is socially unacceptable to not wear pants or some kind of cover-up, I have to find other ways to cool off....more

Tangy Tomato Chutney

Tangy tomato chutney-specialty from Southern India Chutneys are an integral part of Indian cuisine,An Indian thali is incomplete without some chutney or pickle.Their are so many types of chutneys some are raw, some are cooked, made with herbs, fruits and with vegetables....more

Useful Tools and Gadgets that Make Cooking More Desirable

Whether you are a professional chef or an amateur at cooking, preparing a full meal can be a challenge. It needs a lot of skill and patience to end up making a tasty dish. Some cooks are happy and more than capable of preparing dishes with just a fry pan and a sharp knife. However, you can prepare your dishes easily and more efficiently by making use of the latest, innovative and fancy kitchen tools and cooking gadgets. They make your life that much more easy....more

Bottle gourd fritters

vBottle gourd /lauki/doodhi is a summer special vegetable,according to Ayurveda lauki is very cooling in nature, a good diuretic,easy to digest and is anti-bilious. As it has a good amount of water in it so combat excessive thirst in diabetic patients and balance electrolyte in the body...more

Apple gourd and tomato curry, tinda ki subzi

OutsideLittles Thanks for liking the recipe,apple gourd /Indian baby pumpkin is small round ...more

Prawn Egg Fu Yong To End The Year 2010

Looks like I couldn’t find a much better way to end the year then. It has to be a recipe, and an egg recipe at that. How very appropriate.Which begs the question: What would my first blog of 2011 be? I’ll probably have the answer in 4 hours’ time!...more

Kidney Bean Curry /Rajma Masala

 KIdney beans cooked in tomato sauce and Indian spices- a specialty from PunjabRajma is a specialty from the state of Punjab.Its from legume family and is a hard bean.Rajma chawal a regular fare in all Punjabi families and are also very popular all over North India....more
OutsideLittles you can buy Rajma /kidney beans from any Asian store who stock Mexican and Indian ...more