Chili Lime Swai Fillets (Dinner in 10 Minutes!)

Swai is my new favorite fish. It is delicious, light and flaky, not too fishy, low in mercury, and super easy to cook. I wrote about my first experience with cooking Swai, and now we had the rest of the package in the freezer to deal with....more

Mexi Melts

Last night was once again TACO TUESDAY, and I know, you’re probably thinking, how many Mexican dishes can these girls make? Well, how much time do you have?! We LOVE Mexican, so the possibilities are endless.  Alison & I actually BOTH made this last night.  Yes, it’s really THAT good!check out the recipe here!

Crockpot Apple Butter

Over the weekend Jen & I took a trip to the apple orchard and I was SO excited to come home and make this crockpot apple butter.It tastes absolutely amazing. I would call it the best thing since sliced bread, but actually its just the best thing to put on sliced bread.Plus.. this is the PERFECT gift to give this holiday season.You will see below that I got 3 pint sized jars out of this batch so that’s 3 gifts I could give for under $5....more

A Rushed Lunch With Mapo Tofu Noodles

It looks so much like my 3-minute meal… cheez… But at least I got to experiment with my newly purchased toy – a pair of kiap kiap – to arrange the noodles nicely on this plate. Call me the Jamie Oliver wannabe....more

Five Bean Chili

Five Bean Chili is a meatless chili – healthy and flavorful yet hearty enough to satisfy meat lovers. In addition to being healthy, this is also a budget-friendly supper....more

Crockpot Apple Pork Chops

So over the weekend Jen & I took a trip to the apple orchard to get some fresh apples!One of my favorite meals is Crockpot Apple Pork Chops.These are SO easy and SO delicious.The best part is it leaves the entire house smelling like fresh bakes cinnamon apples.check out the recipe here:

Just Three!

Here is a recipe for peanut butter cookies to enjoy this weekend...and yes...just three ingredients!!...more