Top Used Appliances in My Kitchen

You might be surprised to hear that when we hosted Thanksgiving a couple weeks back, only one thing went in our oven for any length of time: the turkey. Yes, the sweet potatoes went in for a little bit too, but that was only long enough to melt the marshmallows on top. In general, we rarely use our oven. It is a big heat and energy sink and is not necessary for a lot of the things we make. Oven meals also seem to take longer and we simply don't have the time. So, how do we eat? Simple, using our small kitchen appliances. Here are the ones we use most and why:...more

Claire Goes Foraging

I am Margaret Aycock.  This blog follows my life as an artist, organic gardener, forager, cook,and house concert host.  I am an author of 3 books, two are how-to books on the process of painting in oil and one is a soon to be released children's book written and illustrated by me on foraging.  I live in a family of musicians/songwriters/artists, Jesse Aycock, Dylan Aycock ( Scissortail Records)  Scott Aycock.  The book is in the editing stage right now and should be out early next year or possibly this year....more

DIY Garden Harvest: Leftover Mason Jar Freezer Parsley

The once small parsley plant I had, is now a giant bush.This weekend was the last weekend for the parsley bush, there was no way we would have been able to finish it all before the frost did. But… there are a couple special ways to savour your harvest....more

5 Tips for Saving Time and Money on Your Holiday Baking

Holiday preparations are in full swing, and for many of us that means a busy kitchen.  It can also mean a hefty grocery bill. Baking at this time of year often involves large quantities or more expensive ingredients, and that can add unnecessary stress to the season.  Here are 5 tips to help you save time and money in your kitchen this holiday....more
Try making the condensed milk with some of your homemade brown sugar. It will be a little less ...more

Do You Want to Cut Your Family's Grocery Budget in Half?

I used to spend around $400 a month on groceries and another $200 a month on household products (toiletries, diapers, laundry detergent). Since I began couponing, I spend $300 a month on both groceries and household items together. Some months I only spend $200 for our family of five....more
JudyRoud I live in a fairly large city and we have no CSA available and our farmer's market is ...more

11 Tips to Save on Holiday Dinner

Every year I try and find strategies for preparing a holiday dinner without blowing my entire grocery budget on one meal....more

Yogurt in as few words as possible

Heat milk.Cool milk.Stir in starterLeave in warm place til delicious.Stick in fridge overnight. Less scary this way, I think.  Heat milk (about 180°F)...more


As it is not always easy (or affordable, when you use a lot of it) to acquire, I've been making my own yogurt. Once you get into it, the variations can be fun. Also occasionally disastrous, which leads us to tip number one: Keep a small amount of your starter (2-3 tablespoons) frozen, so that when you inevitably need to toss a batch and start over, it's there when you want it. Or just buy a new container of yogurt, use two teaspoons to restart and eat the rest. That works too....more

Quick & Easy Sticky Buns

Well I owe a big thanks to my mom for this recipe. Well not for the recipe, but for the craving. Yesterday she happened to mention to me that she had a sticky bun and it was soo delicious. They’ve been on my mind ever since. So less than 24 hours later I started searching the net for a good recipe, but couldn’t find one.So I headed into the kitchen anyway and here is what we came out with…(you won’t be dissapointed)...more