Apple gourd and tomato curry, tinda ki subzi

OutsideLittles Thanks for liking the recipe,apple gourd /Indian baby pumpkin is small round ...more

Prawn Egg Fu Yong To End The Year 2010

Looks like I couldn’t find a much better way to end the year then. It has to be a recipe, and an egg recipe at that. How very appropriate.Which begs the question: What would my first blog of 2011 be? I’ll probably have the answer in 4 hours’ time!...more

Kidney Bean Curry /Rajma Masala

 KIdney beans cooked in tomato sauce and Indian spices- a specialty from PunjabRajma is a specialty from the state of Punjab.Its from legume family and is a hard bean.Rajma chawal a regular fare in all Punjabi families and are also very popular all over North India....more
OutsideLittles you can buy Rajma /kidney beans from any Asian store who stock Mexican and Indian ...more

A Cheat Treat Of Teochew Style Braised Meat, Chicken Liver and Egg

I love eating completely braised eggs where the sauce gets right through and all around them. I always feel cheated whenever I buy a superficially braised or Chinese Tea egg where the outside looks perfectly browned and the inside tastes all bland and  makes you go ‘bleah’. I call that outright deprivation....more

Stir-Fried Long Beans & Eggs To Crunch Time

This would probably be the last recipe blog for March, before I head to London next weekend. And perhaps an apt way to wish myself luck is to cook a vegetable that sounds pretty close to what I’m getting myself into for the next 4 weeks or so – crunch, crunch, crunch!...more

Whole green lentil curry

Sabut Moong is a very healthy lentil.Yellow moong daal, chilka wala moong and whole moong are the three different form of this whole lentil.There are so many different ways to make it and the bean sprouts are most popular sprouts made with whole moong -how to make bean sprouts ...more