Chicken Noodle Soup

I absolutely love sitting in my pajamas on a cold day, while enjoying a warm and delicious bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup. It instantly reminds me of my mom, and I can’t wait to pass that feeling down to Zelda when she gets old enough to try it!To make my favorite simple soup you need 1 large chicken breast, 1 box (.32 oz.) chicken broth, 3 carrots (peeled), 2 ribs of celery, ½ a white onion, 2 tablespoons minced garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper, and egg noodles....more

Mama’s Stir-Fried Rice With Cabbage, Mushroom And Pork

I love how the fragrance of the mushrooms and dried shrimps fills the air whenever my mum cooks this dish. Ironically, since this is an easy dish to cook, it’s something that she makes when only a few of us return home for dinner....more
Thanks, @lovekeil! Hope you'll like the taste of it too :)more

Vegan Chickpea and Potato Turnovers

In 2000-2001, I had the opportunity to work in the United Arab Emirates. During the first few months of that year in Dubai, I did what any Canadian would do: I made small talk about the weather.“Hot today, eh?” was met with puzzled smiles. It was always hot. Always sunny. What was there to say?...more

Mexican Lasagna

Mexican Lasagna. Or should I call it Mexican Lasaña? I didn’t know what to call this layered casserole of meat, cheese, tomato sauce, and corn tortillas. And then I realized it was kind of like a lasagna, but with delicious Mexican flavors....more

Slutty Brownies

Open Faced Roast Beef Casserole

e made this meal as a part of the #turanohack campaign focusing on inexpensive gourmet meals to feed your family. Let us just say this was absolutely delicious and both of us are looking forward to making it again ASAP for our families.. we ended up diving straight into this at 11am because it was THAT tempting.All you need isTurano bread (found at your local aldi store)1 lb sliced roast beefMashed Potatoes1 packed Au Just Mix (made by boiling with water)Check out how easy this was to put together!!...more

7 Tips to Save Big on Grocery Bills

Eating at home might be one of the most effective ways to save money on your grocery bill. You can prepare meals for a fraction of the cost of eating out, and you can successfully reduce the amounts of calories, carbohydrates and fats that go into your food....more

15 Things I Don't Pay for Anymore

  I wish I owned a couple of colleges with highly-competitive football teams (read “teams that bring in a gazillion dollars to my college”) and the college bookstores to match....more
I've been trying to use less paper towels too! Our issue is that we have to use the apartment ...more

Sausage, Bacon, Broad Bean and Herb Picnic Pasta!

This recipe reminds me of a sunny afternoon picnic. It’s such a reliable pasta recipe and I’ve used it for years for big summery lunches, road trips and packed work lunches! I’ve been keeping it a secret... but here you go – this is what you do for the love of your job! ...more