Asian Stir-Fried Brinjals

A brinjal is a type of plant in many disguises, simply because it can also be called an eggplant (English/American), an aubergine (European), a melongene or a guinea squash. Asians usually identify them as brinjals, which in turn usually refers to the longer, slimmer breed....more


This week I had some extra breakfast sausage lying around (not literally) and decided to mix that with some sweet potato. Super basic, incredibly easy and very nutritious. For more egg recipes visit the recipe or 21DSD recipe page....more

Package Deal

Today I was thinking  how I need to stock more basics in the pantry. Things such as flour, sugar, oil, oatmeal, etc, to have on hand for baking and cooking. This week I will be adding in more of these items in my shopping cart and baking something to go in the freezer for a quick thaw out snack later on this week. Trying to get away from pre-packaged food is hard, especially for those of us who have eaten this way for years. I am not proud of it, but these are the facts and I know I'm not alone. Questions I am asking myself this week: ...more

Chickpea Curry

I found this recipe few years ago on a website that does not exist any more. I’ve been making it ever since and it turns good every time. Sometimes I use ground spices, like cloves and cardamom, instead of seeds. You can add more chilli powder if you like it really spicy. This healthy, low fat, low-carb, vegan one pot curry can be a base for other types of curry as well. You can add some sweet potato, pumpkin, butternut squash or coconut milk. Vegetarians can add some yogurt while meat eaters can even add some chicken to it....more

Navigating the Grocery Store: 6 Tips to Save Money During Your Next Shopping Trip

Grocery store owners have one objective: To get you to buy more. Millions of dollars are spent studying consumer behavior and what compels people to buy at the grocery store. The grocery industry has the average shopper’s behavior down to a science. When all is said and done, it seems as though the cards are stacked against budget grocery shoppers.Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your grocery budget in check, despite strong efforts to get you to buy more. Knowing how to navigate the grocery store for deals is the first step in saving significant money over time....more

Wine Jelly Dessert (Auch Weingeleegenannt)

My first taste of wine jelly was amazing; almost heavenly. Wine jelly is made of gelatin, sugar and wine, the last of which is the ingredient that renders its taste so special and memorable. Apparently, this is a type of spread popular among those in the West – a spread served with either crackers and cheese or with berries and whipped cream....more

Frugal Recipes That Save You Money? Possible?

I found a ton of good recipes in Google. The problem is that while these are usually really tasty recipes, they are loaded with carbs and bad-for-you fatty stuff like cream and Crisco.Yech...So I decided I'm going to share some of my own recipes here, and these are truly frugal recipes that are good for your body and that save you money! ...more

The Formidable Buddha Hand Citrus Fruit

It was one memorable experience at the supermarket that we had while shopping for groceries on the weekend before Chinese New Year. We saw something that resembled a freak experiment out of a horror movie.Read more from 'The Formidable Buddha Hand Citrus Fruit'....more

A Lesson In Olive Oil And Being Awesome

Literally every time I use olive oil, I’m using garlic....more

Chicken Tetrazzzzzzini!

When you read the title, imagine me saying it ...more