A Simple Teochew Dish Of Braised Pork and Tau Kwa

This is one of my favourite dishes which I love eating when I go back home to my parents’. It’s also one of those typical dishes that Teochews love to eat with rice porridge, due to its thick black sauce. So what makes this dish successful, really, is that the soup-sauce must be thick and dark enough, which in turn gets absorbed by the meat and tofu....more

Split Pea Soup

Split Pea SoupI love soup and I love split pea. I made this recently on a morning that was chilly and gave a good excuse to have soup even while it's still summer out....more

Fresh Tomato Spinach Garlic Pasta

Spicy and garlicky pasta cooked with spinach, sweet corn, sliced mushrooms, and grape tomatoes for a simple yet delicious meal for two. With just a few ingredients, this dish is healthy and refreshing, perfect for dinner after a long day at work or school....more

Asian-inspired Spinach Tomato French Bread Pizza

An Asian inspired French bread pizza topped with spinach, grape tomatoes, and a hoisin coconut peanut sauce. Delicious and quick to make, this Asian fusion pizza is perfect as an appetizer....more

Stir fried Aloe Vera Curry

 A very healthy and nutritious stir fry made with Aloe Vera  The Aloe Vera plant has many cosmetic and medicinal properties.It is full of antibiotics which will fight off infections. It cures ulcers , prevents constipation, cures bacterial infections inside the stomach, reduces cholesterol, regulates blood sugar, soothens joint inflammation especially arthritis related swelling and much more. ...more

A Most Famous Corn Salad

I'm usually not one to "follow the crowd", but - boy howdy! - did I jump on a bandwagon this time. ...more

Truly Homemade

Truly HomemadeOnly someone who is well prepared has the opportunity to improvise.  ~Ingmar Bergman...more