Menu Mondays: Fajita Chicken

So this is without a doubt one of the easiest meals you'll ever make and I swear your whole family will love it. I have no idea where I learned about making fajita chicken this way, but I've been doing it for years and it's totally a staple on days when I know I'm not going to get to cook. There are just a few simple steps!...more

The Weird & Wonderful Cauliflower Mushroom

Nancy Anne Harbord...more

Holiday Drink Ideas plus How to Make Flavored Simple Syrup

51 days until baby is due! How to Make Simple Syrup plus Holiday Drink Recipes from Josh Curtis   ...more

Oven Raosted Carrots 100% Vegan

52 days until baby is due! ...more

Two Ways to Preserve Peppers at Home

Yes, I know it’s December, and I know the whole chili peppers thing might not make sense right now. But before I say anything else, let me just show you this photo:...more

Make-ahead Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

I don’t know if the...more

Classic Banana Bread

A moist and crumbly banana bread that will have you reaching for seconds and perhaps even thirds.  I have tried many different versions but now I think I’ve found my perfect Banana Bread recipe.This one has been adapted from Rachel Allen’s Bake and uses up any old, spotty bananas languishing on the kitchen counter.I love the banana-walnut combination but hazelnuts work well too. And what’s to stop you if you want to throw in a handful of chocolate chips while you’re at it? Indulge yourself and put your own stamp on it....more