Very Nutty Walnut And Almond Dip

Having friends over again today. Thought I’ll make some dips for them since they would have had a heavy meal at a wedding lunch right before they come to my place.Read more from 'Very Nutty Walnut And Almond Dip'....more

How Monthly Freezer Cooking Works for Us

For several months I’ve been on the once-a-month freezer meal cooking bandwagon. When I first learned about monthly cooking, many years ago, it seemed like the things people were freezing to eat later were chili, soup, chili, another tomato based product, and chili. Not being so adventurous in the kitchen, the idea of cooking once a month sounded awesome, but the offerings left me hesitant to try it out. And I’m sure I was missing out on great recipes back then, but so be it....more

Cranking Up the Standard Cupcake

I recently celebrated another beautiful birthday!...more

Fried Hong Kong Noodles To Satiate The Cantonese Palette

Noodles are a much-loved staple in the everyday life of a Hong Konger – regardless of whether they are soup-based, stir-fried, braised or deep-fried. When it comes to dried egg noodles, one of the best ways to cook them is to stir-fry the blanched noodles with vegetables and really, really good quality dark soy sauce, this being the most important factor that determines the tastefulness of the noodle dish....more

Jiffy Cornbread Mix

“Jiffy” Cornbread Mix is one of those things you can make from scratch so easily at home if you don’t have the store-boght box at hand. You just mix yellow cornmeal with all-purpose flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and oil, put it in a glass jar and keep in refrigerator or store in zip-lock bags in your freezer. ...more

Salted Caramel Mocha

Let’s make your own Salted Caramel Mocha latte! You can make this diy Starbucks specialty drink in your home in just a minute. That way you can adjust the amount of ingredients to your taste as well as save some money. This homemade drink uses brewed coffee and my homemade Salted Caramel Sauce mixed with hot milk. You can even froth the milk mixture using your blender or immersion blender. Salted Caramel Mocha is a great alternative to your usual coffee or hot chocolate beverage. Sit in your armchair with your new favorite drink and a few books. And enjoy!...more

Overnight Orange Cinnamon French Toast

Saturday morning breakfa...more

Healthy Vegan Bisquick Mix

Healthy Vegan Bisquick Mix is a great homemade alternative to the regular, store bought Bisquick. Bisquick is a pre-mixed baking product invented in 1930, used to prepare all kinds of baked goods – from biscuits to pizza dough to pancakes to dumplings. It consists of white flour, shortening, salt and baking powder. Healthy Bisquick Mix consists of spelt or whole wheat flour and oil instead of butter, hydrogenated oil or other shortening. Spelt and whole wheat flour are full of fiber and minerals....more

Shui Jian Bao (水煎包)

Shui Jian Bao literally means ‘buns fried/cooked/steamed in water. It came to me as a sudden realisation. I didn’t know that the name was so literally translated! One really has to get down and cook a dish in order to fully fathom the essence behind its name....more