Family Turkey Chili

Amber @ Mama's Blissful Bites: with wholesome goodness, this is our favorite family chili....more

How to Make Perfect Caramel Apples

Have you ever made Homemade Caramel Apples? I'm not talking about dipped apples made with those cute little caramel squares that you buy in packages in the supermarket. I'm talking about REAL, honest-to-God caramel apples that you make from boiling-hot-sugar that's sticky and gooey and oh, so delicious. ...more
Yep @jazzpastord that's much easier! @BlogHerFood  @BlogHer #Perfectcaramelapplesmore

Bison Chili

Originally, I used to make this recipe with ground elk, but sadly my supply ran out earlier this year.  My boyfriend and his family are avid hunters and hunt all types of wild game and birds. Last year, they had a ton of Elk meat from a hunt and I was more than excited to receive about 12 pounds of it (felt like Christmas). I love all types of wild game and whenever I see it on the menu at a restaurant I have to order it! If you haven’t tried any I would highly recommend it because wild game is so naturally lean and packed with rich flavors....more

Reese's Marshmallow Pie

Get ready for a chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallow, gooey explosion in your mouth!!This is HEAVEN!And so easy to make!!Click here for the recipe:
This looks so good, I love Reese's!more

Snicker Caramel Apple Salad

This is seriously the PERFECT fall treat!  If you’re looking for a dessert, here it is.  Want a creative side dish?  Well guess what, this HAS apples in it and were calling it a “salad” so there ya go!  Who doesn’t love a delicious salad?!  I took this to Alison’s annual pumpkin carving party and it was a HIT.  Well, that was AFTER her husband realized it WASN’T potato salad.  He was sitting there eating like “don’t worry Jen, I will try some of that potato salad next” PUMP THE BRAKES BUDDY, Those are NOT red skin potatoes, they are APPLES, and this ...more

Crockpot Apple Pork Chops

So over the weekend Jen & I took a trip to the apple orchard to get some fresh apples!One of my favorite meals is Crockpot Apple Pork Chops.These are SO easy and SO delicious.The best part is it leaves the entire house smelling like fresh bakes cinnamon apples.check out the recipe here:

Creamy Chicken and Pumpkin Gnocchi Soup

Creamy shredded chicken and pumpkin gnocchi soup filled with sweet carrots, diced onions, and fresh parsley. Seasoned with the aromatic flavor of thyme, this soup is simple and delicious with a fall twist.My favorite soup of all time has to be chicken and gnocchi....more

Pantry Doctor Simple Granola Bars

It's fall again, and time to pull out those skinny jeans and leggings.  How many of you tend to put on a little extra weight in the winter?...more

Low Carb PUMPKIN Pancakes

Have I mentioned that I LOVE pumpkin?!?! ;)I seriously believe I could eat a lil pumpkin with just about every meal (especially in the fall), & I've never met a pumpkin recipe I haven't loved. As I've said before, I'm so glad that pumpkin is a low carb food....more