These aren't just regular brownies. Oh no. They are dark chocolate (my favorite!) fudge brownies.  And they are ridiculous. In a good way. [Read more] ...more

Quinoa Peach Cobbler

Yields:  9 -12  servings           Prep Time:  25 minutes       Total Time:  1 hour...more


Madgane also known as chana dal payasam is a very delicious and popular Konkani sweet recipe prepared using rice, split chickpeas / chana dal and jaggery/brown sugar.This is traditional dessert prepared on almost all festival and is offered as naivedyam. This is the last item that will be served and I still remember those days how eagerly we were waiting to have madgane....more

Chocolate-Pumpkin Cupcakes

 Remember a few posts ago when I rambled about how much I love fall? Well I'm still a huge fall fan. And now that its starting to cool off here in the vineyard that means pumpkin everything!...more

McIntosh Applesauce


Apple Pie Pancakes

Hey guys!  Fall has finally come, well in CA we are still having some hot days but nonetheless my mind is on fall everything!  I developed this Apple Pie Pancake recipe over the weekend when I needed something besides eggs for breakfast.  I hope you all make them and enjoy them as much as we did!Check out the link to get the recipe Romeo...more


 i was planning to grill some steaks a few days ago when it was hot out, and i realized that the only side dish ingredients i had left were beets and onions. my sweaty self didn’t want to turn on the oven and i was craving a salad so i decided to make a beet salad, using beets as the base, topped with bacon… because, bacon. the bacon bits add a salty, delicious crunch to it and the result was excellent, not to mention, so pretty. [Read more]...more

Spicy Eggplant Curry

Spicy Eggplant Curry also known as gulla kolupkari is a tangy and spicy, easy to make konkani dish prepared using tamarind, red chile powder and eggplant....more