Meatless Monday: Vegan, Gluten-Free Curried Coconut Soup With Chickpeas and Cauliflower

There are certain ingredients that will always get my attention in a recipe title, and this delicious Meatless Monday soup from Three Many Cooks has four of them: curried, coconut, chickpeas and cauliflower. I think Curried Coconut Soup with Chickpeas and Cauliflower sounds like a perfect way to warm up your Monday, and it's vegan and gluten-free as well! Image: Courtesy of Three Many Cooks ...more
Glad you like it; I thought it looked so good too.more

Linzer Cookies

These jam filled cookies are delcious to eat and pretty to look at. Linzer CookiesIngredients...more

Chickpea Tortilla Soup

This flavorful mexican soup is probably one of the best soups I have had at a restaurant. It was so delicious that I tried to duplicate it. I’m not sure why it’s called, ‘tortilla soup’ when the crispy fried tortilla strips are served as garnishes along with avocado, sour cream and cheese. But in a way it is a good thing because I would not like tortilla strips to get soggy in the soup....more

Pump Up Your Cereal!

I almost didn’t think this worthy of a post, and then I realized this is EXACTLY the kind of post I would want to read!!...more

Kimchi Fried Rice, Gluten-Free

Recently I touched base with a friend I hadn't in quite some time, and she asked what I am doing for myself these days. Given that I am a single mom, tending four very small children, teaching part-time, and taking care of everyday matters that consume no insignificant amounts of time and energy, that was a very good (and thoughtful) question to ask. I write, sing, visit with friends. I had forgotten to tell her (or did I?) about my love for cooking, experimenting new territory, and perfecting my own dishes. Well, today was one of those exciting adventures in my kitchen. ...more


My need for baking therapy is at an all time high as of late. Work has been crazy, but a good "I'm glad I'm working" kinda crazy. Anyway, when I'm not at the gym, which I'm not at the gym often lately, I've been heading straight in the kitchen and pulling an Iron Chef America.  Grabbing whatever I have handy and making something out of it; usually edible....more

One Dressing – Endless Salad Possibilities

I love salads because of the countless combinations you can use to create a new and unique meal. I play around with lettuces, from arugula, to romaine to even spinach! The rest is really up to your imagination and preferences.This is one of my more substantial salads for lunch consisting of shredded romaine, cabbages, carrots and garbanzo beans. I buy my romaine in bulk from Costco, and take a head or two of lettuce at a time, shred it up and keep it in the fridge. This way, I can build a salad easily when its time to eat....more

Healthy Orange Coconut Bites

Gluten Free Strawberry Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Missed breakfast this morning or maybe you don't have any time to stop and cook now? Well, no worries, simply make breakfast for dinner! In this case, this recipe might be considered dessert! These little gems are as quick as making regular pancakes, but more decadent! Top this with whip cream for a real treat. No strawberry syrup? Not a problem. Check out my quick tip for making strawberry syrup in minutes and no hassle!Gluten Free Strawberry Chocolate Chip Pancakes...more

Gluten Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Typically, I'm more of a juice and crushed ice type of smoothie person.  At times though, a fatty, sugary milk shake is what I need.  And since I can't always break away to get a shake (packing up the kid for a quick drive through really just isn't a good use of my time), I decided to make something at home to curb my craving.  Plus, I received a bag of Hershey's Kisses in my #JAdoreVoxBox from Influenster, and thought I could do something a little special with them. ...more