Quinoa Vegetable Skillet

You may remember me mentioning a couple weeks ago that my husband and I have started to eat more produce since we signed up for a produce delivery program. Well, I am still taking advantage of this and am loving receiving fresh produce every week. This week we had a zucchini in our box of goodies, which is one of my favorite veggies (technically it's a fruit, but we won't get into that). ...more

Food Labels Leave Off Full Story for Allergy Sufferers-My Son's WTOP Interview

When I first started my blog, www.lifeisgoodlickthebowl.blogspot.com, I had originally viewed it as an allergy blog, complete with recipes and advice. Over the years, I realized that while allergies were always at the forefront of our lives, there were so many other things, funny, and not so funny, about the parenting and "aging" journey that needed to be explored as well.  I realized that I could still advocate on behalf of my son, but I didn't have to do it 24/7 in my blog....more

Cheating on Your Gluten-Free Diet is Cheating on Your Health

Cheating on Your Gluten-Free Diet is Cheating on ...more

Rotation Diet 101 for Food Allergies and Intolerances

Allergists sometimes advise individuals with multiple food allergies to use a rotation diet to help manage their food allergies....more

Gluten Free Dairy Free Red Velvet Smoothie

Enjoy this Red Velvet Smoothie with zero guilt!Prep time:  5 minsTotal time:  5 mins Serves: 1...more

Gluten free almond honey pancakes

Do you ever brush your teeth and get into bed only to be jolted awake by arumbling?A rumbling that you begin to realize is coming from your belly?Now THIS is where the dilemma begins…...more
They look delicious!more

Allergen-Free Chocolate Cupcakes with "Buttercream" Frosting

 Beware: lots of pictures ahead. I just couldn't resist....more

Gluten-Free Astrology: What the stars say about your diet and lifestyle

Do you eat gluten-free? Want astrological analysis, predictions, and advice just for you, plus a selection of celebs who share your sign—and perhaps your diet? Starting with Aries in March of 2013, every month I've posted just that. This time, I'm mixing it up with a special double edition of Gluten-Free Astrology....more

Ingredients Inside: Jell-O

So, color me out of The Know. I hadn’t heard of Jell-O cookies until last week when Little Chef and I discovered some on Instagram. Very cool. Kinda’ odd....more