Basic Guacamole + 5 Ways to Use it that Don't Involve Tortilla Chips!

Guacamole is super-simple to make, and goes with just about every meal you can imagine, so don’t reserve this healthy condiment for Mexican night only!...more

Braised Eggplant with Homemade Garlic Chilli Sauce

Fusion food, when it works, takes you not only on a journey, but a multi-stop trip. As food writer Ching-He Huang puts it, fusion food is also the "fine art of mixing it". No one region dominates and no region merges to the point of obscurity. So, as with any good plate of food, the beauty of this very simple stir-fried aubergine/eggplant dish  is in the right balance of garlic, soy, chilli, vinegar and coriander....more

3-Minute Gluten-Free Brownie for One

The popular mug or jar dessert goes gluten-free, thanks to a reader request!...more

Gluten-Free Dessert: Chocolate, Salt and Caramel Pots de Crème

I came home a few weeks ago with some European-style yogurt in tiny glass jars. “I got really cute yogurt at the grocery store. We can each try one tomorrow,” I said to Zack. Apparently he is no longer thrown by me saying such strange things as “I bought cute yogurt,” and just said something encouraging. A few hours later, I felt a shadow standing in the doorway and looked up from my laptop. He stared at me....more
laceydena yum! I guess I need to find little glass jars! #letscookmore

Shredded Brussels Sprouts Salad With Bacon And Pomegranate Seeds

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Gluten-Free Dinner Tonight: Beyond Easy Sesame Noodles

These sesame noodles are one of the easiest and most delicious recipes I have ever made. No joke, I've made them two weeks in a row because I'm totally addicted. You're going to love how quick this recipe comes together, and you'll love even more how you can't tell it's gluten-free. ...more
Glad you enjoyed it! :)more

Easy Gluten Free Bruschetta

What better way to enjoy a gluten free baguette than by making bruschetta with it ? The baguette was courtesy of Sweet Christine's Gluten Free Bakery, and it was nothing short of delicious. I typically have tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil and basil on hand, so this recipe was very easy to put together. ...more

4 Tips for Your Healthy Gluten Free Summer Picnic

Backyard barbecues and picnics are nearly synonymous with summertime. After all, who doesn’t enjoy gathering with family and friends, tossing a few burgers and dogs on the grill and chilling out in the backyard?...more

Gluten Free Fun-fetti Cupcakes

Fun-fetti Cupcakes are extremely popular with kids (of all ages!)....more