Gluten-Free Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Did you eat ice cream sandwiches when you were a kid? Remember how BIG they were? At least they seemed big to me....more

Vegan Eats in St. Petersburg

Surrounded by water you can imagine there is lots of water sporting and outdoor, waterfront dining. And in St. Pete, you will also find a booming art community (in the photo, that’s a giant mustache in front of the Dali museum!) and yep, lots of great plant based eats! Let’s check it out! St. Petersburg is a lovely sea and bayside town on the west coast of Florida....more

beet crust pizza

With beets, Bob’s Red Mill quinoa flour, & Bob’s Red Mill hazelnut meal married together with coconut oil, this crust is gluten and sugar free!

Gluten Free Chocolate, Rum and Almond Slice

I'm in eternal search of the holy grail of cake slices. There is very little more comforting than a perfectly soft crumbed cake, slightly sticky on one layer to give you that almost fudgy mouthfeel, that leaves you totally floored and frankly, weeping unceremoniously for more. This is 'to my hell with calories' moment, so please forgive me for my very indulgent moments in this recipe. Just convince yourself, as I do, that the almonds are wonderfully healthy and shall immediately balance any extravagances ! ...more

My favorite low carb diet desserts, from Dixie Diner to Quest Bars

Life without dessert for me is like a home without a pet. I can survive, but I always feel as if something's missing from my day. So I've been trying different options that fit into my low carb diet plan. After some highs (ooooh, sugar-free chocolate!) and lows (ick, chocolate dip that tastes and looks like library paste), these are the winners:...more

Almond Butter-Oat Bites

“Almond Butter-Oat Bites are a healthy, wholesome snack option!” I often like to have healthy, easy to grab snacks on hand....more

Cranberry Mango Millet Salad

Have you ever fallen victim to a week that just wouldn’t end?Generally I’m against wishing the week away, but this week is an exception. In 3 days I’ll be lining up with thousands of other runners to participate in my very first half marathon....more
I can't wait to make Cranberry Mango Millet Salad! It just sounds so delicious. Thanks for ...more

Gluten-free Sprouted Bread

When I was getting tested for celiac disease my Naturopath recommended that I stick to sprouted breads to ease my way into eating gluten again....more

Grain-free Coffee Cake

I read Jennie’s story on Friday night while I sat relaxing on the couch with Kevin after a ridiculously long day.Halfway through, tears started trickling down my cheeks....more