Jumbo Cinnamon Roll Cake

When I was cutting a slice of this jumbo cinnamon roll cake to serve for breakfast, my husband, Brad, said: “Dessert for Breakfast?”  This cinnamon roll has a soft cake like texture on the inside, flavored with rich cinnamon.  It can be served for breakfast or dessert...more

How to Manage Gluten-Free Living!

Hi Gluten-Free Readers!For all of you struggling with the diet for Celiac Disease, or a Gluten-Free Sensitivity, please stop by my blog,  WWW.bestlifeglutenfree.comOur "Semi-Homemade" and "Scratch" recipes will make life easier for sure. And most are created with an Italian flair!  Once you take a peak, you'll see how much preparing meals can change for the better!  From baking goodies to making terrific entres, you'll amaze your family.  And please be sure to visit us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! See ya there...Annette...more

Healthy Blueberry Lemon Curd Tartlets

I absolutely adore lemon curd.  Let me get nostalgic on you for a minute, just so you can see where I'm coming from....more
Jen, I will definitely be making these in the near future. They look incredible! Thank you for ...more

Banana Strawberry Oatmeal (gluten free)

When I woke up yesterday morning is was drizzling for the first time since I moved to Santa Monica almost three months ago. It was cold and grey and miserable and I didn't want to get out of bed. It was the perfect day for oatmeal.I love oatmeal. I love the warm comfort it brings on a crisp morning. I love that it is a blank canvas for any flavours you choose to add to it, like cinnamon or honey or fruit....more
This one sounds great!  I made some apple cinnamon oatmeal this morning, it was pretty good too.more

Mini Hamburgers con Pan de Coliflor

Hamburgers con Pan de Coliflor! a esto yo le llamo unos "Hamburgers Milagro", porque introduce a través de una receta muy particular y deliciosa la coliflor, odiada por casi todos los niños y adultos durante mucho tiempo. Su momento de reivindicación ha llegado con esa receta, pues vamos a quitar el pan convencional y lo vamos a hacer nosotros mismos con colifor, siiii coliflor!!! A que suena increíble? Y está realmente impresionante, tengo un testigo en casa que ha cambiado su parecer respecto a esta verdura....more

Gourmet Grilled Ham, Brie and Apple Sandwich

I love roast ham and I love having leftovers for days but eventually everyone gets bored of eating ham sandwiches. Do something special with your leftovers and try this gourmet grilled sandwich with creamy brie and tart apple....more

Mrs. Freedman's Gluten Free 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

When I told the Head of Demolition there would be no bread, cookies, or pasta during Passover, her previous excitement about "MOSES!" was suddenly replaced by a somber, "Passover be ah-done soon?" ...more


Happy Easter or Passover weekend! My family was never big about Easter, except going to Church on that Sunday, but if you do gather with family or loved ones, this is the cutest brunch recipe. If you celebrate Passover, skip the bacon, although it hurts my heart to tell you to do so.  [Read more]...more

Easy Dinner Tonight: Sheet Pan Greek Chicken + Tutorial!

I'm dreaming right now of Greece... sunbaked sandy beaches, lapis blue ocean waters and the air subtly scented with wild oregano. ...more