2-Serving Paleo Chocolate Mousse

 This mousse is smooth and creamy and ultra rich. The chocolate flavor is intense–for serious chocolate lovers only....more

Gluten Free Caramel Filled Brownie Bites with Buttercream

So you know that gluten free brownie mix I posted the other day? Well, it is fabulously delish, so we made a million brownies, because I had to make sure everyone liked it, didn’t I?These gluten free caramel filled brownie bites with buttercream frosting are the real deal, folks. Chewy and fudgy and I had a bag of Kraft Caramels, so I had to take them over the top, because that’s how I roll....more

Broccoli in Strawberry Sauce

 Ingredients1 tbsp. olive oil1 tsp garlic (chopped)1 tsp sesame seeds1 tbsp. basil leaves (chopped)½ cup scallions3 cups chopped strawberries1 tsp maple syrup1 tbsp. Worchester sauce (low sodium)2 tbsp. soy sauce (low sodium)1 tbsp. rice vinegar1 tbsp. sriracha sauce½ tsp salt½ tsp crushed black pepper¼ cup water1 cup broccoli florets...more

Chicken Satay w/ "peanut" dipping sauce

I actually didn't know what Chicken Satay was exactly before seeing this recipe.  All I knew was how good it looked! :)...more

Tortilla Soup- Naturally Gluten Free

Chicken Tortilla Soup is one of my favorite recipes AND it's naturally gluten free (or at least it should be)....more

The Sexiest Sauce for Lamb: Mint Chimichurri

Step away from that jar of Mint Jelly! That lamb you so lovingly prepared demands something much sexier: Mint Chimichurri. ...more

Mini Raspberry Brownies

Brownies are healthy when they are gluten-free and contain a piece of fruit, right?! That’s the way we are choosing to view these because they are so delicious. To make these kid-sized morsels you need gluten-free brownie mix, ½ cup melted butter, 2 tablespoons water, two large eggs, and raspberries....more
I love this idea! We have a long list of allergies, but I'm sure I can adapt our brownies for ...more

Avena al Horno con Toque de Coco

¡Miércoles! Aún tenemos que organizar los desayunos, las comidas y las cenas de los días que faltan hasta llegar al fin de semana. Cuando se tiene una vida laboral activa y aún más cuando hay niños suele ser una tarea difícil. Esta receta de avena al horno y toque de coco es un “Salva Desayunos”, que puede aliviarnos durante los días de trabajo porque es fácil de hacer y de transportar, y se puede refrigerar por varios días....more

Kale Salad with Mint, Walnuts, and Blackberries

After living in Seattle my whole life, you would think that I would get use to the grey and rainy days. Although recently, we have been fortunate to have some amazing (/abnormal) warm and sunny weather, I am getting greedy and asking the sun gods for more. I mean, it is technically spring...right?...more

Raw Chocolate Cake

 After recently eating at a raw restaurant for the first time, I realized how amazing raw food can be. It inspired me to challenge myself and make a dessert that is raw, but absolutely delicious, and that anyone can enjoy....more