Vegan Gluten-Free pumpkin, cashew chocolate spread! A tasty food gift!

You know by now, that  I like to make tasty & invented cashew cheese spreads, all invented by me, moi! ...more

Seductive celery garlic soup topped with tofu croutons!

This afternoon, I made this seductive green celery garlic soup! I topped it with spiced tofu croutons! ooh yes! Celery is good for your health. It adds lust into your sex life,…yes, yes! Celery has a lot of antioxidants & it reduces inflammation too! It is also low in calories. So, go on & make this tasty easy soup! :)...more

Vegan Gluten-Free spiced avocado chickpea spread or dip!

A few days ago, I invented this lovely spiced avocado chickpea spread! I added some chopped red onions & spiced it up a bit too! How? Just read on,…:)...more

Non-Dairy Milks in Ice Cream Custards: Almond Milk

I thought about starting with the obvious, coconut milk, but then decided I would prefer to talk about almond milk. Why? I don't know. We can pretend it's alphabetical order. Unless I talk about soy milk next. We can find a new excuse then. It actually works really well in custard, though I would not recommend it as a dairy substitute in non-custard (Philadelphia/american style) ice creams...or, you can, but you'll have to treat it more like a sorbet and take it out of the freezer early and let it warm up a bit....more

Vegan Gluten-free almond pear chocolate chip oatmeal

This morning, I made this warm delectable Seasonal oatmeal. I also used gluten-free oats to make my warm brekkie gluten-free! I created this:Recipe: For 3 personsIngredients:150 gr gluten-free medium-sized oats  ( 1 cup + 1/2 cup )...more

Strawberry Reduction

Would you like to talk about more red sauces? Nothing seasonal and helpful like cranberry, of course. I was thinking strawberry reduction. It also helps me put off ice cream one more day. ...more

Kimberlys Guide to Ice Cream, Part 1 - Custard

Being somewhat foolish, I started ice creams with custards. There would have been easier ways, but I probably would have gleefully avoided anything involving hot dairy and egg yolks for as long as possible, so maybe it was better this way.My earlier experience with custards was somewhere between a complete disaster and occasionally acceptable. I am sure microwave lime curd can be delicious and simple to make, but my scrambled lime juice eggs were just not quite the same....more

Dr. Mark Hyman dishes up luscious low-cal gluten-free recipes for the holidays

Worried about staying on your diet over the food-filled holidays? To the rescue: Dr. Mark Hyman!...more
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