Beet Walnut Pesto with Parmesan Bagel Chips (Gluten-free)

Beets and Walnuts and Basil, oh my! I am in love. This appetizer is vibrantly tasty and healthy. ...more


This paleo pumpkin hummus is the perfect appetizer to bring to a fall potluck. Made with cashews instead of chickpeas, it’s a delicious and healthy snack whether you are grain-free or not. you can’t even tell the difference in the taste or texture! [Read more]...more

Fall Flavors: Rotini in Pumpkin Sauce


Creamy Mushroom Bisque

What is it about bisque that’s so luxurious?  Is it the velvety texture?  The way it slides down y...more

Foodie Friday - Sauerkraut and Sausage Soup

It is getting cold and we have put the gardens to bed for the winter and so we have gone in search of hearty soups to warm out bodies with.  In Mennonite food traditions sauerkraut is a vegetable preparation that is feature fall and winter here we have used it in soup.  From Our Table to Yours ...more

Looking for a new soup recipe ~ Kale, Chicken and White Bean Soup

A delicious soup you're sure to love!Kale, Chicken and White Bean SoupRead this amazing recipe here ...more

Make a diner-style breakfast at home this weekend!

Scott used to live in the Highland Park neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota.  He had a quaint 80-year old Tudor-style home on a tree-lined street in a prime location....more


Ghee, often called liquid gold, is simmered clarified butter that is traditionally used in indian and other south asian cooking. It’s basically butter that’s been cooked down so its milk proteins and water are removed and evaporated. People who are sensitive to lactose and casein in dairy and can’t tolerate butter find that they can enjoy ghee just fine. [Read more]...more

2015 Gluten-Free Halloween Candy List

When you eat gluten-free (GF), sometimes the holiday festivities can be a bit less than festive since we often find ourselves spending a great deal of time worrying about what is and what isn't safe to eat. Meanwhile, we’d rather be enjoying the festivities just like everyone else....more
ShannonCarpet thanks! Ha! That's true. I lived in Australia for 3 years in the late 1990s, so I ...more