snapper and pineapple ceviche


Part 1: Gluten free, dairy free, corn free - what's for dinner?

About ten days ago, I took a new step on my journey to take better care of myself.  I visited a certified lifestyle educator at a naturopathic practice in Columbus called Leaves of Life.  My reason for going was that I’ve just not felt great in a long time – and not necessarily just because of too much illness, but more, I think, because of not enough underlying wellness.  I love my doctor and believe she takes good care of me, but I’ve never felt that she (or any doctor, or Western medicine in general) has all of the answers....more

Ten things to do with hummus

For whatever reason, I woke up this morning really hungry for some fresh, salty, tart, homemade hummus. I worked 14 hours yesterday, and my guess is that my body was craving salt and other electrolytes.  But anyway, I had hummus for breakfast along with my favorite gluten-free chickpea chips, and it made me wonder what other uses there are for hummus.  Here a link to ten delicious-looking recipes that use hummus as a key ingredient, though I won't be trying them today... no cooking for me after my long day yesterday.  Rest is on the menu for this day! ...more

How to Cut a Watermelon & Make Watermelon Fruit Pizza

Where we live in France, in Upper Normandy, the watermelons we find at the local outdoor markets and at our larger supermarkets are from Spain. Spanish grown melons are known to be reliably sweet and delicious. Normally, I may take the few obligatory nibbles from a melon grown on my parent’s farm but I am by no means a huge fan of the fruit.Until now....more

Pork Chops with Paleo Mushroom Gravy

Time to whip out the cast-iron skillet to serve up tender pork chops with paleo mushroom gravy. Pork chops are very easy to over cook and from all the methods I have tried, this is my new favorite. Get out the cast-iron skillet and pre-heat with your oven to get it nice and hot. Take it out of the oven and right onto the stove top to start the chops sizzling. Flip and back into the oven to finish them off. This gives a beautifully browned outside and tender meat inside.For the gravy, baby portobello mushrooms add a ton a flavor. Simple, fast, healthy....more


Chicken salad is so underrated. I only make it when there’s a potluck or a picnic because it’s so portable, but every time i do, i’m always reminded of how tasty it is...This turned out to be a tasty, hearty meal full of healthy fat and protein that was so easy to make (only 3 steps in the instructions!). And it’s naturally gluten-free and dairy-free without having to substitute anything which i always appreciate! [Read more]...more

It's Really Quite Easy ~ Sesame Seared Ahi at home!

Sesame Seared AhiSounds daunting, but it's really very simple to make.  The secret... a VERY hot pan. Great for a meal or an appetizer.  Slice and serve over a bed of greens, rice or quinoa.  ...more
Now that looks just about perfect to me! :)more

If you've got peaches, make this cocktail!

It’s day 2 of Peach Week and I promised you something special with the leftover peach nectar from that ...more

A Great Go-To Potato Recipe!

Zesty Seasoned Roasted PotatoesThis is such an easy recipe; but the flavor is fantastic!  You can adjust the seasonings to your liking.  The best part is that it re-heats well to....more