Celiac and Gluten-Sensitivities, Myth or Gut-Wrenching Reality?

  Thank you so much, GlutenDude for this chart....more

Food For Life Brown Rice Tortillas vs. Homemade Crepes Plus Leftover Steak Ideas

One of our favorite dinners lately is grilled steak with grilled broccolini.  Last night, my husband grilled 2.55 pounds of grass fed top sirloin for the two of us and our toddler who is not huge on meat, although she is warming up to it bit by bit.  He then proceeded to leave town this morning for work.  Guess what I will be eating today? Grilled Steak and Broccolini: ...more

Our Journey to Gluten-free

The Gluten-free Gang at Our House ...more

Orange Chipotle Jicama Salad

Often described as the Mexican turnip, the sweet and starchy jicama is a versatile vegetable that can be used in all sorts of recipes from salads to stews. While it is more common to eat jicama raw, for this salad I decided to roast the root vegetable to bring out even more of it’s natural sweetness. The base of the salad is made of roasted jicama along with a few other Mexican inspired roasted vegetables like pinto beans, corn, and poblano peppers....more

nourishment & triggers


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Blog Tour – Almond Flour! Gluten Free & Paleo Diet Cookbook – Donatella Giordano

Welcome to this weeks Experimental Homesteader Blog Tour. The book on this week’s tour is “Almond Flour! Gluten Free & Paleo Diet Cookbook” by Donatella Giordano. In addition to this post, Donatella will be dropping by throughout the day on my Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/sheriannricherson to discuss the book and answer questions....more

Savory Mung Bean Pancake Recipe

I'm a texture person. I like foods that are crunchy over soft and mushy. When I eat Korean green onion pancakes, I always eat the crispy edges and leave the soft middle to be eaten by others. That's why I love mung bean pancakes. Unlike the green onion pancake, the whole mung bean pancake comes out crispy and doesn't get soft in the center as it cools. Also, I like simplicity and this mung bean pancake recipe is beyond simple....more