Rhubarb Rose Water Crisp (Gluten-Free, Vegan)

Rhubarb Rose Water Crisp (Gluten-Free, Vegan)05/19/2014...more

Spinach Chicken Meatballs

 I know many people only think of ground beef when making meatballs, but ground chicken has such great flavor too! And then to combine it with fresh spinach makes for a fantastic side dish.Ingredients:1 lb ground chicken (I like to combine light & dark meat for added flavor. The dark obviously has more fat, so keep that in mind)...more

Dr. Oz praises gluten-free diets for weight loss and health: Celiac and gluten intolerance defined

Gluten-free diets have become increasingly popular, with consumers declaring war on wheat for reason ranging from weight loss to sensitivity to celiac disease. Not everyone understands what those terms mean, however. Dr. Mehmet Oz and his colleague Dr....more
You are a perfect example of why the gluten fad has taken off. Selling straight up lies as fact ...more

Almond Butter Cups & Celtic Sea Salt

This is one of my favorite indulgences... Seriously. The mix of nut butter, chocolate and salt. Hello! I wanted to share this deliciousness with you and show you the super simple version of these quasi homemade goodies. You only need a few ingredients and some patience, and you're there! Please note this is not an uber measured out, fanatical recipe. This is a no measuring, just eyeballing it recipe. Relax, it is chocolate. And chocolate isn't complicated. Chocolate understands...Ingredients:...more

Fresh Mango Cake

There’s something about mangoes that everyone just loves. Apart from being delicious on their own, mangoes are great in salsas, stir fry and desserts.  They are in season and that makes me thrilled to share this mango cake recipe....more

Beyond banana bread: brown banana pots de crème

It’s a bizarre phenomenon....more

I Cant Get Enough Of Whole Foods’ Garlicky Kale

On a recent trip to Miami South Beach, I stayed at the Mondrian, which is conveniently located near a Whole Foods. It became my stomping ground for quick healthy meals for a few days. I am always impressed by the salad and hot bar at a Whole Foods when I’m in the States. It is way better than what I have seen in Canada!...more

Miso Mango Soft Tacos (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

   I live in a smaller town in the country that has limited (good) places to eat -there are a few, luckily....more
I love cooking with miso! I like the combination of flavors that you used in this recipe. It ...more