Gluten-Free Pizza Dough: Easier Than You Think

It’s the go-to party food, the something-went-wrong-with-dinner salvation meal and one of the most requested gluten-free recipes of all time. While there are gluten-free frozen pizzas, premade crusts and box mixes on the market, I’m all for homemade. In fact, in my pre-GF life, homemade pizza made a regular appearance at our house. We’d make two huge pies, meat eaters designed one, veg heads took control of the other, and we’d just go to town with the toppings…fun! I’m not changing what I eat, just the recipes!   ...more
@AllAboutBhamAL thanks! Such a simple recipe to put together, so versatile! Even works great ...more

Celebrate Spring with this Creamy Vegan Brown Rice & Pea Risotto

  Peas are a starchy, sweet spr...more

Gluten free pizza with tomato sauce and mozzarella

Directly from the Italian tradition, with few changes in order not to use any gluten, this recipe has been approved by the family board: crispy and tasty. To better enjoy the gluten free pizza crust I opted for a simple yet delicious filling (that by the way is one of my favorite..) tomato sauce + mozzarella + basil.For more details check out my blog:...more


I feel like I've been dieting my entire life. Even when I say I'm just eating "clean and healthy" the reality is that I'm on a yet another diet. Ugh!  ...more

Turkey and Chicken Sweet Potato Stew Recipe

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The Healthy Trinity for a Better Smoothie

I have to admit I am not a big fan of replacing meals with smoothies, but I love them for snacks. I just don’t get that much enjoyment out of drinking a meal, plus I feel really lightheaded a few hours later.Smoothies as a snack work well for me, especially at 4pm in the afternoon when I am starting to get hungry, and dinner is still some ways away. For me, filling up on some extra greens, fibre and protein helps me eat less at dinner, which is a good thing, especially when I eat late....more


This week I had some extra breakfast sausage lying around (not literally) and decided to mix that with some sweet potato. Super basic, incredibly easy and very nutritious. For more egg recipes visit the recipe or 21DSD recipe page....more