Easy 5-ingredient Glazed, Spiced Pecans!

I recently took my grandfather grocery shopping and while we were perusing the aisles and loading up on eggs and his favorite strawberry jam, I came across a bag of glazed pecans....more

Kickin' Chick'n

If a chicken carcass could get up and dance, this would be it. Tender, flavorful, and brimming with attitude, Kickin' Chick'n is rockin' the house! ...more

Meatless Monday: Herb Roasted Potatoes, Kohlrabi and Radishes with a Fennel Butter Sauce

Happy Monday!!!  Today's Meatless Monday recipe features herb roasted potatoes, kolrabi and radishes with a fennel butter sauce....more

Asian Inspired Radish, Cucumber and Celery Salad

Today's Asian inspired radish, cucumber and celery salad is just fitting for the hot temperatures we've been experiencing here in NYC.  It is a truly light and refreshing salad that can easily be served for lunch.   You will notice that my recent recipes have radishes....more

Summer Vegetable Salad with Creamy Roasted Garlic Dressing

Summer and salads just seem to go together so well, don't they?  It's the time of year we anxiously await those fresh crispy vegetables and ripe, juicy fruits.  This summer vegetable salad with creamy roasted garlic dressing embodies just that....more

Everyday Energy Bars

How To Make Delicious Gluten Free Pancakes!

What a perfect and luxurious way to start off a Sunday morning, with a tall stack of delicious, gluten free pancakes, topped with figs, plums and whipped, thick cream! Yes, a true indulgence but it really is a very easy recipe. If you love pancakes and you really need a great gluten free pancake recipe, then you need this one!   ...more

Foodie Friday - Ribbon Meatloaf

Foodie Friday Ribbon Meatloaf another health makeover from Grandma's recipe box.  This versionis Gluten Free and made with lean turkey.From Our Table To Yours...more

Banana Pudding - GF, Dairy-free, Soy-free

I have been obsessed this past week with banana pudding. And not just your ordinary banana pudding, but a dairy free banana pudding.It just so happens as I was putting my carton of Silk coconut milk in the fridge the other day, I saw a recipe on the back for banana pudding. This is what started my crazy banana pudding search. I decided to try the recipe and I opted for Splenda instead of sugar, because I wanted a refined sugar- free pudding.Now I don't know if it was the Splenda, or if I stirred it too long or at too high a temperature, or maybe this is what it's supposed to look and taste like. But according to the reviews it got, I think either I messed up somewhere along the way or those reviews are all falsified! Because my coconut milk banana pudding didn't look anything like the photo! Gasp!...more

bacon and egg potato salad

There’s still a few weeks left of summer....more