8 Gluten-Free options for Stuffing your Burgers for Summer

Here's a quick and easy recipe for 8 different ways to Stuff your Burgers for Summer. These are great to fix at a family BBQ! Line up all your ingredients for stuffing them, and let everyone pick what they want inside of theirs, or stuff them yourself and surprise them on that first big bite!...more


I resorted to making these coconut plantain medallions which was a spontaneous idea that came to me after frantically scanning my pantry to see what I can do with the overripe plantains. Not only are they deliciously sweet, the coconut flakes go so well with the caramelized flavor of the plantains. I felt like I was eating cookies that are both chewy and crispy which, in my opinion, is a texture match made in heaven. [Read more]...more

Strawberry Cream Pie for One

Nothing is better than fruit with chocolate, am I right? This little pie isn’t too sweet, it isn’t too big, and it’s just enough chocolate and just enough fruit—even Goldilocks would be satisfied. ...more

Watermelon Cherry Cooler

  Ingredients2 cups watermelon (chopped)1 cup cherries (seeds removed)1 basil leaf1 mint leaf1/8 tsp lime/lemon juice2 cups cold water...more
Love the combination of mint and lemon.  So refreshing :)more

Grilled Beets and Asparagus with Shrimp, a simple lunch

  LUNNNNNCCCHHHHHHH!  I've been trying to be good and eat an early lunch and a healthy one.  It's not always easy especially now that I am home most days thumping away at my keyboard.  How easy is it just to grab snacks or just "stuff" and nosh while banging away at the keys?...more

(Easy) Kid Recipe: Banana & Avocado Ice "Cream"

BANANA AND AVOCADO ICE “CREAM” Yields:  about 2 cups             Prep Time:  5 minutes (plus freezing time)       Total Time:  5 minutes...more


These Korean short ribs, called galbi, takes a long time to marinate but that’s when the magical flavors of umami are infused into the meat. The key to galbi is to get the right cut of the short ribs. I have seen them sliced Korean-style (thinly across the bones) at some grocery stores and farmers markets recently, but you can also ask the butcher to cut them for you. It’s pretty important for this recipe. [Read more]...more