Fairytale Raspberry Pudding!

 Ok, so I had to name this Shrek pudding because it’s so incredibly green! I hope your kids won’t mind the color. Some kids won’t eat anything green! When I gave this to my gals they asked for more immediately! I had a hard time sharing! Really, I wanted to eat it all myself.This would also freeze well into freezer pops for the summer. MMMMMMM……. ...more


One of the best things about these kinds of gatherings is the food obviously. My favorite game day food are wings and dips. Dips are so versatile and dangerously addicting, which is why I like to use clean ingredients if I’m making them at home. If I know I’ll be eating a lot of it, might as well make it healthy. And the same goes for chips. [Read more]...more

Gluten-free Ricotta Crepes with Orange Curd and Blueberries

Do you ever have one of those days where you're just so over thinking about what to have for dinner?  The other day, in a very adult move, I felt like perhaps a meal of guacamole and chips was not the best dinner choice (sometimes though, it most certainly is). Lo and behold this recipe popped into my consciousness and dinner was saved....more

Taking it One Snow Day At A Time

This past week, the flizzard of all forecasts had my entire family trapped inside the house for an entire day. When I say the entire family, that includes my husband and the incredible amount of detailed work he had to do. I was grateful that we were all together, safe and sound in a warm home. I was even more excited because my husband is the master chef in our home (if it wasn't for him we'd be living on cream cheese and matzo). So, this snow day inspired something that he had never prepared before and it was incredible....more

Gluten-Free Maytag Blue Mac & Cheese with Snipped Chives

The Seahawks are going to the Superbowl for the second time in two years! I'm so excited, I can barely hold onto my whisk. The Mac & Cheesehawk is back!...more


This recipe is great for anyone who isn't comfortable about tasting liver because the strong taste of the olives and spices mixed with ground beef in the meatballs hides the flavor and texture of liver really well. [Read more]...more

Shrimp Creole

I’m in a dancin’ mood. Perhaps it’s the Zac Brown currently blaring in the background. Perhaps it’s this dish. Probably a combo of the two.This dish, Shrimp Creole, comes from Belize, though you may think of it more as hailing from New Orleans. You’re not wrong....more