What going gluten-free taught me

During my freshman and sophomore years of college, I dealt with the whole "am I really allergic to gluten?" thing.  I had been experiencing some symptoms that we'll just sum up as it felt impossible to function.  I got a few simple tests done, got a call, and was told "I'd lay off the gluten".  Now I wasn't diagnosed with Celiacs and I didn't immediately vomit if I had a brownie, so this (in my mind) left leeway to cheat. And if your pastry tooth resembles mine in the slightest, you know that meant cheating was inevitable....more
What a great post! I am someone with little self control, but being gluten free does teach small ...more

Goody Goody Granola Bars

Yields:  16-20 bars           Prep Time:  15 minutes       Total Time:  1 hour 15 minutes...more


When I saw pork belly at the Farmers Market recently, all I could think of was this pork belly cabbage wrap I use to eat when I was young called "bossam" in Korean. The combination of flavors you get from this dish is unforgettable. The spicy radish salad and salty shrimp sauce complement perfectly with the fatty tender pork pieces, and the crunchy and refreshing cabbage wrap adds another layer of flavor. I immediately bought the pork belly, brought it home, and made this recipe. [Read more]...more

curried apple walnut chutney


Peanut Butter Cacao Energy Balls

I love making healthy dessert balls.  Don't ask me why, but creating them in any situation is my default.  If I have a sweet tooth, am feeling creative, needing to de-stress, or am tired (which, by the way, is not probably the wisest idea ;) )...more
Just Beet It You're so welcome! I hope you enjoy them!more

Tangy Italian Black Rice Salad

This is penance for all those ice creams I made (and ate) this summer. ...more
Just Beet It My husband gobbled this one up!more


Red wine is a great for slow-cooking, low-simmer recipes that allow the alcohol to cook off and give the dish a deep, rustic flavor. I've always had trouble navigating around Italian menus because most dishes contain gluten, but osso bucco has always been a safe option, not to mention absolutely delicious. I thought recreating this dish at home would be complicated, but it turned out to be surprisingly simple and easy. It takes a few hours but the end result is fall-off-the-bone amazing! I used beef shanks, but lamb shanks will work as well....more

Pumpkin Protein Boosts Recipe

 Pumpking Protein Boosts Recipe...more