Eating Gluten-Free Doesn't Have to Be Expensive: 6 Affordable Dinners

Editor’s note: The first critique usually thrown out by gluten-free naysayers is: But isn’t eating a gluten-free diet expensive? Well, it can be, just like any other diet. Mary from Owl Haven keeps costs down by preparing meals that are gluten-free anyway, so she doesn't have to hunt down any pricey substitutes. Here she shares recipes for her 6 affordable gluten-free dinners, like Sesame Chicken Stir-Fry and Sriracha Barbecued Chicken. --Jane ...more
Fresh real food is not expensivemore

Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies, a Sweet and Savory Dessert

Editor’s note: Cate from Girls Cooks World has turned dessert upside down with these bacon chocolate chip cookies, which include both bacon fat and candied bacon bits. If that’s not enough, it turns out these porky treats are gluten-free too. Cate preps the dough ahead of time and then bakes them on-site at her friends’ dinner parties. --Jane ...more

Gluten-Free Chickpea Flatbread with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

[Editor's Note: The first time I tried chickpea flatbread, which is also known as socca, it was in a restaurant near my house. I was skeptical when I ordered it, but blown away by the time I'd cleaned that plate. The flatbread's texture is interesting, its flavor delicious, and it's a great foil for so many toppings. This version, with oil-free pesto and roasted cherry tomatoes, is the perfect way to wrap up this year's celebration of Vegetarian Month. --Genie] ...more
Sold. I need to figure out how to make this. My mouth is watering!more

Pecan-Crusted Gluten-Free Turkey Meatloaf With Sundried Tomatoes

[Editor's Note: Though I often think of meatloaf as a casual dish, this version is definitely fancier than the usual fare, with its nut crust and sundried tomatoes studding the meat. It's also a gluten-free recipe, and comes together easily and quickly. --Genie]...more
This looks amazing! I love meatloaf...never thought about trying it with sun dried tomatoes!!more

Gluten-Free Scottish Oat Crackers

[Editor's Note: When I think of gluten-free cracker options, I default to rice crackers, which I almost always just buy at the store to save time. But this oatcake recipe is a great substitute, and is simple to make at home. It's a great and affordable option if you need a cracker that's perfect for dipping, but doesn't have any gluten at all! --Genie] ...more

Gluten-Free Orange-Cranberry Scones

[Editor's Note: These scones are a great recipe to keep in your back pocket for whenever you might have a brunch that you'd prefer to keep gluten-free, whether that's because of folks on your guest list or just for your own health. Orange and cranberry is such a traditional flavor combination, and that's because it's delicious—each fruit's tang and sweetness sets off the other's so beautifully. --Genie] ...more

Celebrate Late-Season Tomatoes With Tomato Tabouleh

[Editor's Note: In some parts of the country, tomato season is just about to end, while in others, there are still a few weeks of ripe, red goodness to go. Regardless, seize that last moment of tomato madness with this simple salad that requires garden- or farm-fresh tomatoes. It's healthy and lets the produce shine. --Genie] ...more
Yes. Great time for a delicious tomato salad. Let's eat tomatoes as much as we can :)more

Rich Vegan and Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies

[Editor's Note: These sophisticated brownies will satisfy the chocolate lovers you know, whether they are vegan or not. But the fact that this recipe is free of soy, gluten and animal products means it's a treat for a whole range of dessert devotees! --Genie] Bitter Black Chocolate Brownies (Vegan, Soy-free, Gluten-free) ...more

Campfire-Charred Eggplant

[Editor's Note: I love eggplant, but have never tried to cook it over a campfire. That will change, now that I've read this evocative post about a backpacking trip in Israel and a wonderful eggplant dish created with very little equipment, only four ingredients, and the incredible seasoning provided by woodsmoke and the great outdoors. --Genie] ...more
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A Sweet Salad of Honey Roasted Carrots

[Editor's Note: Though carrots are the star of this recipe, I love that it includes roasted radishes, which are something I really enjoy eating. I just saw carrots and radishes at my local farmers' market yesterday, and this is a great way to put them to use! --Genie] Honey Roasted Carrot Salad ...more
Your honey roasted carrot salad looks very interesting. My friend told me about a European ...more