Avocado Spread with Basil and Feta

[Editor's Note: Though most people think of guacamole when they think of avocado, it's a very versatile fruit. In this spread recipe, it gets a Mediterranean treatment with the salty tang of feta cheese and the summery freshness of basil, which is abundant right now. --Genie]...more
Has anyone ever tried avocado egg salad sandwich?! Delicious!   more

Vegan Collard Green Wraps With Red Pepper Hummus

[Editor's Note: In some parts of the country, the weather's beyond hot right now, and that means there are plenty of nights when turning on any appliance—even the toaster—is simply too much. That's when these delicious wraps will come in handy. They're fun to eat, packed with the protein punch of hummus, and absolutely cooling, especially if eaten with a cold glass of iced tea on a back porch. --Genie] ...more
YUM! RT @blogher Hummus? Yes, please! Vegan Collard Green Wraps with Red Pepper Hummus ...more

How to Make Regular and Gluten-Free Gougere

[Editor's Note: I recently had gougere for the first time at a going away party for a very close friend, and I probably would have eaten the entire tray if I hadn't summoned every bit of my self-control. These cheesy, puffy snacks are rich and wonderful, and I love that this recipe offers a version for those who can tolerate gluten, and for those who can't! --Genie]...more
These sound like they could be dangerously delicious, but they also sound relatively easy ...more

Oven-Crisped Peppery Polenta Bites

[Editor's Note: I've always known you could make polenta, then chill it and cut it into slices, but I have to admit it has never occurred to me to put the polenta in mini-muffin tins to make adorable, bite-sized, easily-portioned servings. This recipe is a great side dish, but would also make a good appetizer, particularly if served with a marinara dipping sauce. --Genie]...more
crispy polenta? sign me up! what a creative idea, and yes, it would make a *perfect* appetizer! ...more

Triple-Layer Fruit Gazpacho

[Editor's Note: Gazpacho is one of my favorite ways to use summer's best tomatoes, but this particular recipe is a tomato-free zone. Instead, it uses summery fruit to create beautiful layers that are healthy and delicious to eat. It's a stunning recipe sure to please at this season's backyard gatherings. --Genie] ...more

Lemon-Infused Pasta Salad with Grilled Asparagus

[Editor's Note: Today's Quicker Dinners idea is not just speedy, it's also healthy for a whole range of eaters. It's gluten-free and vegan, and also features fresh spring flavors. It's perfect for those warm, late-spring nights when you need something light to put on the table quickly. --Genie] ...more

A Breakfast Version of Cobb Salad

[Editor's Note: Salad for breakfast? Sounds good to me. I've never been one to relegate certain foods to certain times of day—after all, think how much fun it is to eat breakfast foods at dinnertime—and this seems like a great way to get in lots of nutrition and flavor to kick off the day. --Genie]...more
I love stir fry veggies with my poached eggs...nomnommore

Customizable No-Bake Energy Balls

[Editor's Note: It's always good to have some new snack ideas to turn to on busy days, and this no-bake snack is a great one. It can be totally customized to fit your family's favorite flavors and ingredients. Though Kelly of In Everything originally found this recipe on Smashed Peas and Carrots, I love how she adapted it to fit the dietary needs of her family members. --Genie]...more
Looks good! I wonder how it could be adapted for a family that doesn't have flaxseed & sesame ...more

Polenta Tart with Lime

[Editor's Note: This is a beautiful and unusual dessert that puts polenta to use in an ever-so-sweet (yet tangy) fashion, rather than its usual role as a not-so-sweet side dish. Best of all, whether you can tolerate gluten or not, there's a version of this dessert for you. Give it a try before the citrus season comes to an end! --Genie] Always good to know a tangy tart -- Polenta Tart with Lime, gluten-free and traditional versions...more
mmmmmmm..i feel hungrymore

Flower Power Eggs Make Breakfast Beautiful

[Editor's Note: These happy-making eggs are beyond simple to make, but are a lovely addition to the breakfast table any day of the week. They're a wonderful idea, especially if you make them with an assortment of colored pepper rings. --Genie] ...more
Seen this floating around Pinterest for a while... think I'm gonna try it!more