Celebrate St David's Day in Style with these Welsh Cakes Recipe

Celebrate St David's Day in style with these traditional Welsh Cakes (Picau ar y maen.) These delicately spiced mini cakes are made the traditional way using lard, butter, and juicy sultanas. Welsh cakes are so quick and easy to make that they will soon become your new favourite teatime treat....more

Magic Cake

So is this cake white & gold or black & blue?!KIDDING!!!Unlike #TheDress there is NO debating what this cake looks like.. amazing.When I saw this recipe I thought I have to try this it is so simpleBut I was extremely nervous. I knew it would either be fabulous OR it would be a TOTAL fail.Well it was FABULOUS. There is a light flaky crust on the top and bottom and a delicious custard filling.So here you go.....more

Lamb Chops with a Fresh Herb Rub

Hello Friday! I've been missing you since Monday, and man have I needed you more than ever… ...more
KiriBearCafe thank you very much! I used to hate lamb until I met my fiancé. His family is ...more

Two Bite Black Bean Brownies

Mmm… Chocolate and coffee. Two of my favorite things combined into a bite size snack. These two bite brownies are perfect for that midday craving, with the added benefit of an energy boost and extra nutrients, including fibre and protein. Free of flour, dairy, soy, and refined sugars, and instead made with more natural ingredients like black beans and cocoa, so you can feel good about what you’re eating.(Free of gluten, dairy, and soy. Sugar optional)...more

Baked Chicken Nuggets - 3 ingredients, 20 minutes, healthy meal!

 I made these last night and they were delicious! I only wish that I had made more to freeze, we ate them all for dinner!...more

Pickled Green Chillies To Go Back To The Basics

This is the first recipe to welcome myself back home in Singapore! And because my kitchen is currently at its most barren state (with dust being the main occupant), I’ll have to make do with the simplest recipe I could think of. These chillies could help to spice up the upcoming bland meals at home....more

Peas Pulao Recipe

Half of the family members are currently away for a week. Initially I thought, this would be the best time for me to cook all the food that I want to blog about, without giving a thought as to what others may not eat. Reality was far from what I thought. Having to deal with the housework all alone and the underlying uncertainties & fatigue that come along with it. I still had to cook as my two nieces are living with me for this week since my mom and brother felt that I needed company. I am not complaining though as it is good to have company indeed....more

Bow Tie Pasta with Buckwheat Kasha

Ever since finding out that buckwheat is a super healthy seed and not just another version of wheat, we’ve been eating a lot more buckwheat – soba noodles with peanut sauce, simple buckwheat groats as a side, and this time I made Varnishki....more