BBQ Pulled Chicken

Cue the anticipated hectic work week and everything or anything just seeming to go wrong. Not only is it just Tuesday morning, but dinner still needs to happen tonight. Sound familiar? Agh, I know I have been there too. That’s where my trusted and old friend the crock pot comes into play, I like to think of this amazing kitchen gadget as one of those, "set it and forget it" gadgets. It’s funny, I go through phases of using one religiously and then completely forgetting about it. ...more

Three Cheese Walnut Linguine – An Almost Edible Christmas Wreath

Bought a lot of cheeses this week; went a little cheese-crazy. There are just so many of them on the shelves – and most of them are cheaper than what I can get back in Singapore! Yummy!...more

Apple Compote / Sauce

Another favorite and must-have in my refrigerator (in fact can’t do without it) is apple compote or sauce or apple butter if you stretch the cooking time, thicken and dry the same ingredients (add some lime juice if you like). ...more


One of my favorite meals is breakfast.I never used to eat in the morning because I always woke up about 15 minutes before I had to leave for work, got ready real fast, and ran out the door.  I was never really even hungry in the morning.  The thought of eating first thing always sort of nauseated me....more

Pumpkin Spice Yogurt

Ever since I made my first batch of Pumpkin Butter this year, I just can’t get enough of it, after all I only make it once a year. And this year, I’ve been trying it on almost everything I eat, with my latest being in my morning yogurt.Since peach season is officially over {sad face}, I’m trying new ways to wake up my morning breakfast. And I think I found it here with this Pumpkin Spice yogurt....more

Banana and Peanut Butter Snack

I'm sure this has probably been done before and may even have a name!  Anywho,  I decided to put these together for a quick and yummy snack for a healthy afternoon treat (with a tiny bit of cheat).  You'll need Vanilla Wafers, Banana, and Jif Whipped Peanut Butter.Slice the peeled banana into thick slices....more

Gooey Chocolate Skillet Cake

This is the perfect fix for your chocolate cake cravings. It’s the perfect gooey blend of chocolate, frosting, and pecans.Plus it is super easy and quick to make!!My husband absolutely loved this cake and ate way more than he should have! Check out the recipe here:

Raspberry Brie Tartlets

Halloween has come and gone.I was all geared up for Halloween this year because the hubby was going to hand out treats while I relaxed in front of a scary movie.  Such a great plan, right?Well, the weather turned wicked on Halloween!Pumpkins were dusted in snow, there were snow squalls and winds up to 70mph.Trick or treaters were few and far between AND it took both of us to hand out treats....more

Blueberry Wheat Germ Muffins - Nutritious and Delicious

Our breakfasts have gotten a little repetitive lately. On the weekends we've been having a lot of eggs in all shapes and forms - fried, scrambled, in a frittata - eggs eggs eggs! And for weekday breakfasts I always make an overnight soaked no-cook oatmeal - every. single. day. I've been wanting to switch it up, so I made these yummy wheat germ blueberry muffins....more

Throw a chicken in the oven!

 Real food shouldn't be that complicated, right?  But sometimes it just is.   Jobs, kids, housework, errands, and life in general can get in the way.  Not to mention our culture's elevated expectations of a home cooked dinner.  (Thanks, restaurants.)...more