Oyster Mushroom & Cabbage Potsticker

...so I discovered an Asian grocery mecca called H Mart really close to my place. I don't know if that's a good thing or bad..because I have a tendency to get overexcited at a new grocery store.This place reminded me of an outlet mall during holidays, very chaotic and crowded...yet I navigated myself through each aisle wandering around different greens I had never seen or heard of before, trying to not get overwhelmed by an aisle full of colorful sauces, and pretended not to get too distracted with stacks of noodles in varying shapes and sizes....more

Recipe Monday - Cheesy Tomato Slices

Today I'm coordinating a huge project on Facebook. If you support women's rights in Texas, wear orange, snap a pic of your self, and post it publicly on Facebook with the hashtag #fordarlenaI am collecting these for an epic slice of life tomorrow! We can really make a statement if we all pitch in!Anyway, while I'm doing that, here's one of the best ever recipes I've discovered this summer....more

Healthy 4th of July Popsicles

I love making healthy 4th of July popsicles every year. We don’t necessary celebrate the 4th of July on the 4th. As dairy farmers, we don’t get the day off. Our celebrations happen when our local race track celebrates. We have a race car track in our town. Every Saturday night we hear the zoom, zoom of race cars. They don’t bother us and usually are done by 10 p.m. (unless there are crashes)....more

A new take on lemonade: Summertime Orange~Pink Lemonade

I love flavored beverages, especially teas and lemonades. I usually reserve drinking these when I dine out, because I lack quite a bit of discipline with them at home. If I have anything in the fridge to drink, I will drink it instead of water. Nonetheless, I was completely inspired my the summer heat to creat a new take on the good ol' pink lemonade....more

Boil. Season. Chill. Refreshing Summer Beet Soup With Crunchy Garnish

My grandma and mom used to make this refreshing soup very frequently in summer.  It was typically made from young beets — tender bunch beets no larger than 2-3 inches in diameter. The idea here is to extract as much flavor and color from the beets as possible in the shortest possible time.  Then you just season and let your soup cool down, chill if desire, and add some flavor and texture variety straight into a bowl....more

Go Fourth And Eat Cake...Pops!

The Bogus Baker IT'S OK TO FAKE IT MENU...more

Brown Bag It!

This week my mind was on lunches.  I hear all the time from people that they want more ideas for quick, healthy lunches.  This salad is very filling because it contains plenty of protein due to the quinoa.  I whipped this up in no time with just a few ingredients:...more

A Standing Ovation


Rasberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

It's ice cream season. I love this sunny KC weather we are having. I made my weekly trip to the farmers market so I had fresh raspberries and other than smoothies didn't have a plan, when Amelia asked for ice cream. Perfect! I am going to dedicate next week ice cream week! My in-laws will be visiting and I want to make sure I have a great variety of homemade ice cream!A few I am contemplating: Avacado, peach, coconut cream, zabaglione gelatio, there are so many flavors I want to try! Stay tuned...Raspberry ice cream: (Adapted from Williams &Sonoma Ice Cream book)...more

Crock Pot Spinach Chicken Alfredo

It was so hot yesterday, so my plan of making a copy cat recipe for Lilly's chicken (from Bonefish Grill) did not happen. I did not want to be sautee'ing over a hot stove, or have to have the oven on so this will have to wait for cooler weather. ...more