Baked Stuffed Tomatoes

Farmers Market’s are in full swing by this time of summer, and tomatoes are always one of the hot commodities at our local markets. With so many varieties and recipes out there, the choices are endless for how you can prepare them for your next meal! Here is a simple, super tasty and lovely dish for your mid Summer meal! For the recipe visit

Seasonal Eating: 6 Ideas for Summer Tomatoes

Have you grown tomatoes this year? I have never had such an abundant season of these luscious ruby and sunshine hued fruits. I always plant a variety of large, medium and cherry tomatoes, but this year some tomato seeds survived the winter in my soil and those grew, too. I am flush with tomatoes right now, and needed some ideas for using them up. ...more
So many reasons to love summer, but Gazpacho is one of my favorites. ...more

Good Morning Beet Juice

As a kid, probably like most kids, I was not a fan of beets. Strangely, It wasn't until I started making baby food that I started liking them. People always talk about how gross baby food tastes and I just don't understand why they would expect their babies to eat it then! I think that their food should taste just as good as mine so I would always taste the food before feeding them, making sure it was edible. One combination that always went over great was beets and apples. ...more

Baked Taquitos

Yesterday was another strong blast of heat. Our house has withstood the heatwave until now. This morning when I woke up and the house still sat at 75 degrees- I knew there was a problem. This weather has kicked in full gear and is not backing down. We are supposed to reach 100 degrees today and while Portland typically hasn't reached this high heat on a regular basis, we are now. It seems the past few years have consistently remained hot, smokin' hot....more

Asian beef burgers

August can be a funny time of year; it has a very in-between feel to it.  It’s like the Sunday of calendar months – you know you have to work the next day, so instead of enjoying the entire day you’re already thinking about (and dreading) Monday....more
This looks like a great recipe to spruce up an old favorite. Thanks for posting it!more

Tomato and Cheese Crostata

I’ve always dreamed of going to Italy. And next year, I was planning on finally making my dream vacation come true. But sadly, life got in the way and unless something changes, I won’t be going to Italy next year {sad face}....more

Barbequed Chard

 Chard is an easy vegetable to barbeque using a grill pan.  Brush the bottom leaves with oil before placeing them on the pan, pile up layers, sprinkle on the cheese of your choice in between those layers, and grill for about 10 minutes. Fast, easy, delicious! Recipe at Coffee for Roses....more

Carrot (summer) Sauce - Also Known As Flo’s Sauce

      Carrot (summer) Sauce - also known as Flo’s Sauce Flo is my sister Silvana’s mother-in-law, she has made this sauce probably forever – it’s so easy – it can be quick, but I slow cook this sauce....more


Popover Mondays!I was craving these the other day and was unhappy that I had no sugar left to make delicious syrup to eat with them. Though the syrup failed me, the popover itself with an egg was quite satisfying.Cooper enjoyed it and sat with me outside talking up a storm while we enjoyed the fresh morning air. He drank his milk and I drank my coffee.They are simple to make and take little time on your part as the oven does most the work. :)Recipe here...more

Potato Pancakes