Goat Cheese, Raisin, Arugula and Walnut Flatbread Pizza

Vegetarian Pizza is a perfect option for a Meatless Monday dish, but when it's hot outside you don't want the oven on for very long and traditional hot pizza toppings might not be that appealing either. That's why I think this Quick and Easy Goat Cheese, Raisin, Arugula and Walnut Flatbread Pizza from The Perfect Pantry would sound good for a meatless summer dinner. This creative pizza that's made on toasted flatbread only needs a few minutes in the oven, and the crisp arugula on top will cool it down when you're eating it. ...more

Yellow Tomato Rotini. Easy delicious summertime pasta salad!

I started growing a garden a few years ago. I started planting tomatoes and a few herbs in pots.  The next year I made a 6x6 plot in the back yard to plant some tomatoes, herbs and peppers.  This year we made the garden bigger and added green beans cucumbers, and watermelons to the mix.  This was my harvest this morning:...more

Chocolate Dipped Watermelon, a 43rd Birthday

The Annual Birthday Blog Post Goddess (let's call her Lenora) is circling back once again to these digital coordinates. Birthdays make you ask:  where has the time gone? Nothing answers back more honestly than the dates on blog posts. They're like the wicked stepmother's magic mirror in Snow White--totally honest. Cringe. Getting older is the passing of time. But you do get little wisdom shots along the way. This was a good day for these....more

Easy Corn and Seafood Chowdah (A recipe!)

My kids and I spend every summer in the beautiful little seaside town where I grew up. In my town, truly local food often means seafood. Drive by the harbor all year long and you will see fishing trawlers and lobster boats going in and out of the channel. Weather watching is a community past-time and the politics of over-fishing and imported seafood aren’t just esoteric topics you read about in the newspaper. ...more

Broiled Grapefruit

 Several years ago, my husband and I were staying at a Bed & Breakfast that offered this dish with our morning coffee. I was instantly hooked! Never a huge fan of the tart grapefruit, this recipe helps balance its flavor and makes a sophisticated breakfast in just minutes.Broiled GrapefruitIngredients:1 lg pink grapefruit1tsp Grade B maple syrup...more

Simple Frozen Treat: Bananas!

My ridiculous simple frozen treat for the kids is so easy to make. I got the idea from a Nick Jr short. ...more

Simple Pasta Caprese

I'm sitting on my couch sipping some white wine, wishing I had more mozzarella cheese because I really want to make this dish again. It was so quick and simple, which has been great this week because I'm dealing with a sick kitty cat....more

The Carpet Picnic (with Sweetcorn Fritters)

Once you have moved to a country that boasts outdoor living, it is really hard to admit that for a few months of the year, the living is best kept inside, where there are fires and a distinct lack of Antarctic winds. The children, being 50% mule and 50% whirling dervish, are even more reluctant to give up on the idea of eating at the beach. That is, right up until the point where we are eating on the beach and they realise that we weren’t lying about the Antarctic winds....more

The Best Fruit Smoothie Ever?

When I started this journey of finding the right combination of foods to make the perfect fruit smoothie, I tried many things and--yes--experienced some really bad smoothies. Yet, I'm so excited that I started this journey because I feel that I'm getting to the "perfect fruit smoothie" stage. Let’s set a basic foundation first. ...more
Laurend1985 Thanks and I actually have started using Almond milk for my smoothies and I love it. ...more