Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie and Ice Cream - Happy St Patricks Day!

This is absolutely delicious and perfect for St. Patricks Day.. I promise your kids are going to LOVE this one.  No food coloring, no added sugar, nothing artificial.. Just plain wholesome yumminess that is kid approved.  The spinach is for Color - You will NOT be able to taste spinach at all.. Only Mint & Chocolate along with a frozen banana that gives a rich creamy texture all while keeping it vegan and dairy free.  Makes a yummy breakfast or a delicious guilt-free dessert....more

Delicious Salad!

Salads are just great! You can experiment with ingredients and combinations and enjoy the flavors you prefer all in one dish. Tonight we wanted a fresh yet flavorful dish so we prepared a Potato Salad with a mix of vegetables. We used boiled potatoes cooked in water seasoned with black pepper, chilli flakes and rock salt....more

Sweet Potato Pulled Pork Hash

Ever since Karen from 2 teaspoons posted this Pulled Pork Sweet Potato Hash<...more

The 4 Minute Cookie

I have been eating very healthy this past week; however, the weekends always throw me off track. I needed something quick and delicious. I didn't have much time to look for recipes and I knew I didn't have much in the pantry. I also had two bananas that were starting to get brown. ...more

Blackened Chicken Buffalo Alfredo

Do you have anyone in your house that claims they don’t like alfredo?? I DO!Until now! This buffalo alfredo sauce is such an easy twist to add to your pasta night. It was so simple and so good! You aren’t going to have anyone complaining about alfredo now....more

Easy and Delicious Boys Birthday Cake

Make this delicious and easy birthday cake, simply by layering different sized cakes, covering with icing and then using oreo crumbs to look like dirt!!  Add small construction vehicles and signs and you have the easiest, best tasting cake that won't cost you what you would pay at a bakery. And the kids will love it!!!...more

Blueberry Pineapple Smoothie

It's been three days since I started the Sugar Crush 30 day Sugar-Free Challenge and I'm doing better than I expected and I've been making healthier food choices. My body hasn't went into a downward spiral sugar shock (yet) and I'm still alive despite not having any cookies in the last few days. {whispering}....I still have some Red Velvet Oreos in my kitchen cupboard that I haven't touched yet!...more

Pastelón de Plátanos Maduros y Carne

Acabo de darme cuenta que este es el primer plato típico de mi país que publico, así que démosle un gran aplauso y bienvenida al Pastelón de Plátanos Maduros y su principal protagonista, ¡el plátano! ese que está presente cada navidad y en cualquier celebración casera dominicana....more

The perfect snack : a slice of home-made pizza

Feeling hungry, wanted something tasteful and yet easy to prepare. The answer for us is easy...Pizza. We topped this one with: ...more

Piadina with chicken and mushrooms

Tonight's  dinner is another one of our favorite! Piadina filled with spicy chicken tenders, oyster mushrooms, and Maasdam cheese, rolled and baked until golden brown. The chicken tenders are cooked with golden onions, garlic, and a mix of spices (adobo, black pepper, chilli flakes, and sweet paprika) then we added the mushrooms that were cooked with e.v.o.o...more