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Easy Cheesy Hash Brown Muffins

So, today makes it one day past my due date. I've been doing good with the anticipation, but that is soon wearing thin. Let's get this baby out! The one nice thing about going late is I've had more time with my extra energy to get more things done. I'm known around my house as "Stuff Done Smyczek" ... there's always stuff I need to do. ...more
Ashley, These look so good! I am always looking for a better breakfast idea, and these look ...more

Skinny Strawberry Banana Ice cream

Try this super healthy and yummy strawberry banana ice cream with added super green supplement.  Recipe HERE . Xo,Everythingsisters...more

Cilantro vs. Coriander: What's the Difference?

Trick question. They’re the same thing. “Cilantro” translates to “coriander” in Spanish. Did your brain just blow up? How parts of the coriander plant are distinguished just depends on where you live in the world. For example, in America, we call the leaves “cilantro,” and the seeds are “coriander.” In the UK, it’s coriander leaves or coriander seeds. In either place, though, the leaves are an herb, and the seeds are a spice. Bam. Quick and painless lesson. ...more

Banana Coffee Shake

Wake up with this HEALTHY yummy banana coffee shake!  Breakfast and coffee in one? YES PLEASE! Full Post and Recipe HERE . Xo,Everythingsisterswww.everythingsisters.com...more

3 Ways to Transform Traditional Pesto

One of the most simple, delicious sauces is a classic pesto. Traditionally, pesto genovese, which is named after its originating home in Genoa, Italy, is a simple sauce made from nuts, cheese, garlic, basil, olive oil, and salt. While pine nuts are usually the culprit of choice, many other nuts can be used to give a different flavor profile to this Italian staple. In this post, I will show you how we transform the traditional pesto into three different options, each with their very own independent flavor, but same simple technique or preparation. ...more

Roasted Zucchini & Corn Salsa

We had friends bring us dinner a few days ago. Everyone keeps telling me to relax and just enjoy my time since pretty soon Paul will be back to work and I will then be running after the kids trying to figure out which way is up and which way is down. The joys of motherhood, right? ...more

Healthy Cookout Side: Bourbon Smoked Paprika-Lime Corn

 Summer cookouts often have fatty, unhealthy side dishes, but it doesn’t have to be that way!One of my favourite sides to make is not only super easy and delicious, but healthy, too. This time of year, the fresh corn is at its best – so get it while you can!You can throw these on the grill for 15 minutes, as written, if you’d rather, but this particular recipe is for the oven. So you can make your Bourbon Smoked Paprika-Lime Corn on the Cob rain or shine....more

Creamy Potatoes

This past couple weeks has been so unbearably hot. So hot that the thought of cooking is not appealing whatsoever. I've decided to do as much on the grill as possible without having the same meals repeated. Not the easiest but can happen with creativity. These potatoes came from the grill and landed in my mouth with a great big smile upon my face.I can't express to you the great joy of hanging out with my family and sitting on the back porch enjoying so good food and even more, great family time. And this my friends, has been what our summer is all about....more

Creating Little Chocolate Truffle Balls Of Endorphins

It’s how I amuse myself amidst the restiveness of dissertation writing.Read more from 'Creating Little Chocolate Truffle Balls Of Endorphins'....more