All American Easy Dinner in Under 10 minutes!

 Hot Dogs, Cole slaw, Chili and fixins (onions, condiments) with Baked Beans and/or Potato Chips 4 Servings 1. Take paper plate, place 4 hotdogs there and slice into each one lengthwise. 2.  Place in microwave for 1 minute (time can vary here) ...more

Vegetable Stew

Vegetable Stew is a very healthy, vegan and flavorful dish prepared using coconut milk, mixed vegetables and aromatic spices that is definitely worth a try....more

Turkey Curry Soup

Turkey Curry Soup.  Great way to use any leftover turkey.  Flavorful and bright, this Thai-inspired soup has unexpected and welcome flavors after Thanksgiving.

Korean Jap Chae (잡채)

Jap chae (잡채), meaning ‘mixed vegetables’, is a really popular dish that is often seen in Korean dramas, where Korean actors and actresses either slurp up the noodles with their long metal chopsticks or put a handful of vegetables directly into their mouths after mixing the dish with their plastic-gloved hands....more

Easy Cranberry Jam

It is the day after Thanksgiving when many of you are searching for creative ways to reinvent leftovers. We just pile the remnants of our holiday meal between two slices of bread and call it delicious, no creativity necessary. The bag of fresh cranberries in the vegetable crisper is a different story....more

Cranberry Bliss Fudge

Thanksgiving is over, which means I am headed full steam into Christmas mode! First on the list is my Cranberry Bliss Fudge. I made this recently and brought it into my office and several people went out of their way to tell me they had thrown their diets out the window to eat this. It’s that good....more

Easy Shrimp with Feta Cheese


Snickers Pie