Easy Halloween Party Treats for Kids !!!!!

Easy Halloween Party Treats for Kids !!!!! ...more

Death by Chocolate

Every year, I am the one to hand out the treats to trick or treaters.EVERY YEAR!...more

5 Easy Halloween Treats

5 Easy Halloween TreatsHalloween Dirt CakeCandy Corn PunchHalloween Trail MixCandy Corn and Peanut Rice Krispies...more

Crockpot Kielbasa Split Pea Soup

A big bowl of kielbasa split pea soup is the perfect way to end a busy day....more

Halloween Barnbrack [Recipe]

I longed for a taste of home. Something simple, wholesome, comforting – something my mother used to make. Halloween was coming and I longed for a bowl of colcannon, that dreamy combination of creamy mashed potato and deep green curly kale. Mam always made colcannon for Halloween and always took the trouble to hide a coin, a ring and a rag for us to find. We always knew what was coming but there was something safe and soothing about the familiarity. I longed for that feeling.* ...more

Crockpot Apple Butter

Over the weekend Jen & I took a trip to the apple orchard and I was SO excited to come home and make this crockpot apple butter.It tastes absolutely amazing. I would call it the best thing since sliced bread, but actually its just the best thing to put on sliced bread.Plus.. this is the PERFECT gift to give this holiday season.You will see below that I got 3 pint sized jars out of this batch so that’s 3 gifts I could give for under $5....more

"One Cup" Mini Hot Chocolate Mixes

I was determined to get to at least one homemade gift project this season and I am happy to say that I did and this was a lot of fun...and very tasty. I have had 3 mugs of hot cocoa already - I did have to test my recipe ya know!Present a gift of homemade "One Cup" Mini Hot Chocolate Mixes, no Keurig required!...more

Superfood Smoothie

I am sure you hear it all the time, “Oh, you must add this into your diet, it is a superfood!” But, what exactly is a superfood? Some people can just name off one after another, but can never explain what makes that particular food a ‘superfood’ and why it is good for you. Well, I am going to share with you a few of my favorite superfoods, that I love to eat on a regular basis and why they are a great choice. ...more

A Rushed Lunch With Mapo Tofu Noodles

It looks so much like my 3-minute meal… cheez… But at least I got to experiment with my newly purchased toy – a pair of kiap kiap – to arrange the noodles nicely on this plate. Call me the Jamie Oliver wannabe....more