5 Ingredient Homemade Icecream

Last weekend – okay a couple weekends ago – we had a potluck dinner with our bible study group. Mike and I were in charge of bringing a dessert and the meal was Mexican themed. Don’t get too excited, I didn’t make Mexican ice cream (if that’s a thing) but I did consider making fried ice cream. It’s one of Mike’s favorites.Anyways – I made good ol’ fashioned homemade ice cream. It was delicious....more

Party Idea: Make Your Own Pizza Night!

We are huge fans of pizza - But then again, who isn’t?! Some of our best memories happen around the kitchen table, so this weekend, grab your friends, some beer and host a Make Your Own Pizza Night!...more

Quick Homemade Pickles

As part of my ongoing quest to make everything on my plate I recently started to make my own pickled cucumbers. We had been given a huge bag of organic cucumbers, maybe 2 or 3 kilos, and it was about 30 degrees outside so I needed to move quickly to preserve them or they would wither and be wasted. I had never made pickles so I did a quick search for recipe ideas, then threw together a quick brine and hoped for the best. ...more

Monday Mixture - Spring Break, Pecans, & More

Spring Break is here.  What should be a relaxing no routine type of week actually started out with a busy hectic weekend.  I feel as if the school bell rang and we have been on the go nonstop.  It is all good though.  The weekend was filled with friends and family and some adventures.  Now today is the calm before the storm as I have decided to take a last minute trip with Little Miss Mixture, so there is a lot to get done and take care of before we head out for a few days....more

Almond and Cashew Butter Healthy Chocolate Fudge

I love homemade nut and seed butters for many reasons: they're easy, quick, additive-free, fresh, you can make any combination and quantity you want, and you can do so much with them. Like this "fudge" with almond and cashew butter. ...more

Easy Breakfast Egg Souffle

My favorite meal of the day has to be breakfast, hands down.  I hardly ever get a chance to eat something other than yogurt and fruit during the week because it’s easy to grab and go and fits my busy morning schedule. I took  a day off from work a few weeks ago and took advantage of the opportunity to cook something savory for myself for breakfast. Because cooking is more of a freestyle format for me, I threw together what I called a “whatever you have in your refrigerator egg souffle”. The results were great!...more