Easy to Make Espresso Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Dairy-Free

My espresso chip ice cream recipe is a no-cook, no eggs easy way to make dairy-free ice cream (dairy version included). It is slightly different from the ice cream I usually make. In order to create a fluffier, lighter texture, I whipped the cream full of air. It maintains a soft texture hours after it’s been frozen. It just might be my new favorite ice cream. Just don’t eat this too close to bed time or you won’t sleep a wink. Click here for complete easy to follow recipe!C. Smith http://thespoonandapron.com/...more

Chocolate Flapjack – A Snack Bar With A Twist

I didn’t know such a thing as a flapjack exists until I came to the UK. In fact, it only revealed itself to me last November, while we were lunching at the Vennel’s Cafe in the city center. I’ve been tempted ever since to give it a try – both orally and skill wise....more

Mango salsa

Mango Salsa Mango and bell pepper salsa...more

Microwave Oreo cake

Oreo cake Instant microwave cake with just 3 ingredients and in 5 minutes. Generally, people think that eggless cakes can't be as soft and moist as compared to the ones which are made with eggs. I am a vegetarian, and therefore always make cakes without eggs or egg substitutes and get good results everytime! Check out my- Orange cup cakes, Fruit and nut cake , Pineapple upside down cake, Strawberry cup cakes for more eggless cake recipes. Baking is a topic which excites everyone, but many hesitate to try their hands due to lack of experience....more

Chocolate Chai Latte Ice Cream

Can you believe it’s already August? I mean really, where has this year gone and what have I been doing? Summer is fading fast as fall is already in the air with the long shadows of the day and cooler temperatures at night. Leaves are falling and I’m still trying to get rid of last years! Raking and burning leaves is a never-ending cycle here at my house since I’m backed up to the woods and surrounded by trees....more

Red Enchiladas with Caramelized Onions

These enchiladas were by far an easy meal for a hot summer day with very little heat required. My sister came over for a summer swim in our pool, coffee talk, and mani/pedi time. We had a great day with wonderful laughs and good conversation. The kids played well together, and as always wear one another out. Every time I cook with my sister around, a funny conversation takes place. She hates to cook. Seriously hates to cook. Her idea of a meal, is to have a smoothie, cereal, salad, or already prepared meal that someone else cooked....more

Homemade Basil pesto in 5 minutes

5 minutes traditional Italian homemade basil pesto: so easy and so delicious that you will be surprised. Simple, fresh ingredients for the best result: Italian basil, pine nuts, Parmesan Cheese, Pecorino Cheese, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt.for more details and tips, please have a look at: http://www.buonapappa.net/homemade-basil-pesto/...more

i LOVE myKitchen!

AnitaG. G. stands for GIRL What Are you Going to EAT!!? What Are you Going to Do for Food?!Any WOMAN loves to Cook....more

Stripy Fruit Lollies

Well howdy peeps! Long time no see!! I hope you are all well wherever you are at moment!! We have just got back from our summer holiday. It was so lovely to get away and have a change of scene. We have all returned refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of the summer....more