Chile Margarita Popcorn

It was my brother-in-law's bachelor party and there was a big cookout at our house. Needless to say, the kids and I spent the night elsewhere! ...more

Best Ever Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs can be manipulated in one too many ways. It kind of grosses me out. While we were in Bend, OR a couple weeks ago, the hotel we stayed at had breakfast. Mind you, their breakfast was actually really good and filled with multiple options to choose from. Apart from the usual mass produced plastic tasting scrambled eggs, I thoroughly enjoyed everything else. I find anytime you travel, the scrambled eggs are a "must RUN" dish. Don't touch, don't eat, don't even try! They always let you down....more
Oh those scrambled eggs do look so good!  I'll have to try cream cheese in mine.  I use a little ...more

Arugula, Pear & Raspberry Salad

This fresh summer salad is sweet, salty and spicy. It's like a party for your palate!Ingredients:5 oz. fresh baby arugula6 oz. fresh raspberries1 D'anjou pear, thinly sliced 3 oz. crumbled feta...more

What to Do When Herbs Take Over Your Garden

So, I have to tell you all about my new favorite kitchen accessory. It was a gift from my soon-to-be mother-in-law. These Ball jar freezer cubes are ahhh-amazing!!! ...more
What an awesome idea!!!...Yes and I am going to use it!!more

Artichoke Tetrazzini by The Gourmet Mom

Artichoke Tetrazzini by The Gourmet Mom: Eat what you love, love what you eat!...more

Chili Rellano Dip

I am one of those people that can dip just about anything, even if it's not supposed to be dipped I think it tastes better on a chip or cracker ...more

Going Round In Circles With This Salami And Onion Focaccia

This is my fifth Focaccia since the very first attempt in May. So far, I’ve experimented with a variety of toppings – luncheon meat (they call it SPAM here), herbs, cheese etc....more

NEW RECIPE on the blog. Easy Chicken Enchiladas!

The Family that Laughs TogetherClick the link above for the recipe.  So easy and yummy! ...more

Easy and Healthy Desk Lunch: Chicken Avocado Spring Rolls

Vietnamese rice paper rolls are healthy and oh so delicious. They will forever remind me of visiting my sister when she worked in the seminary building at Multnomah University. I used to go visit her all the time and we would go get these rice paper wraps for lunch dates and we absolutely loved them. The great thing with Vietnamese food is it also fills you up. Long gone are the days of visiting my sister at work but new are the days for lunch dates with homemade chicken avocado spring rolls. :) ...more
The first time I took spring rolls like that to work, a coworker sitting beside me gave a start ...more