My New Favorite Snack

Sometimes I even surprise myself with the amount of activity I can stuff into a 24 hour period. Last Tuesday morning I awakened at 3:30 am, sent out a few emails, wrote a post then caught a 6:30 am shuttle to Newark airport for a 9 am flight to Los Angeles. By noon I was on the ground in Los Angeles, hungry and a little sleepy; but I needed to shop for food because I was making dinner....more

Food Brings Everyone Together

Summer at our house means everyone is HOME and we are all together. It also means a packed house full of family, friends and lots of kids. So when these Newtons Fruit Thins arrived at our front door everyone was anxious to try them. Food brings everyone together especially at our Home. Newtons Fruit Thins are made with delicous real fruit and whole grains but the best part is they are packed full with rich delicous flavor......more

Delicious Cookies

Here's a typical day: Up at five am to work. Make three lunches, unload the dishwasher and double check homework by six. Wake kids up, feed them (and the dog) breakfast and throw a load of laundry in by seven. Jump in the shower by eight. Shower, dry hair, get dressed, apply makeup, confirm that everyone has brushed THEIR hair and teeth, and drop kids off at school by nine. Then the day "begins."...more

Snacking on the Go!

It’s funny which memories we latch onto from our childhood, dusting them off with a smile as we compare our youthful ways with our adult selves. For me memories of running around town go hand in hand with snacking, especially with my grandfather and my dad. Both of whom were notorious for having something sweet too munch on while they were in the car....more

Notes from a Cottage Industry

There's a new cookie (or two) in town, and they're dee-lish. Oh. My. Can you say yummy-yummy-got-some-love-in-my-tummy? First off, let me share a little “Newtons” side story here. For as long as I can remember, one of my Mom’s favorite lines when anyone was having a bad day was, “You just need a nap and a Fig Newton.” As if to imply that a little rest and a sweet little treat of a Newtons cookie would make all well in anyone’s world....more

Newtons Just Don't Grow on Fig Trees

If you were a kid growing up in the 80's like me, when you think of Newtons, you think of figs. My parents were notorious for stocking the shelves with lame after school snacks--packaged oatmeal cookies so dry they crumble in your hands, pig skins (yes, you read that right), sweet pickles (the most disgusting food invention ever; pickles should never be sugared), sardines and saltines....more

Quickie, Vegan Late-Afternoon Snack: Cheeseless Quesadillas

Editor’s note: My toddler’s not the only one who needs an afternoon snack. As soon as the clock strikes 3, I start to rummage around the kitchen looking for something healthful but satisfying enough to stave off hunger. Vegan blogger Kathy from Healthy Happy Life offers up her arsenal of late-afternoon bites, including this Cheeseless Quesadilla. --Jane ...more
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Out and About with Newtons

I know that many of you can relate to being constantly on the go. Although I work full time blogging from home, I’m constantly in and out for both work and family errands. Grocery stores (yes plural), gas stations, dry cleaners, gas stations (have you seen the price of gas gah), school, after school activities, and the list goes on and on....more

Indulging Your Sweet Tooth

What is a girl to do when she has a sweet tooth, is constantly on the go, but is striving to eat in a healthy manner? My friends, this is something that I struggle with on a daily basis. I’m a vegetarian. I try my best to eat foods that are good for me. But, gosh darn it, I love sweets. And I love to bake. Here’s the problem: I am, like all of you, very busy most of the time....more

Snacking For An Active 50+ Lifestyle

So let’s see, I’ve been retired from my full-time corporate job for almost two months now. I’m loving my carefree, on-the-go lifestyle and my flexible schedule. I get up at 8:00 a.m. instead of 6:00 a.m., get on my stationary bicycle, take a bath or a shower and rush to yoga — oftentimes gulping down a fruit smoothie or grabbing a quick bowl of cereal before I leave....more