The texture and flavor was just perfect

I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm a pasta type of person. There is just something so comforting and satisfying about a big plate of pasta. I've long had a dream of making my own ravioli, but the truth is that I'm a bit scared. I'm sure it's not as difficult as it sounds, but I still haven't gotten around to trying it. I was super excited when Monterey Gourmet Foods™ asked me to review their all natural gourmet foods....more

It really couldn't be easier

When I was younger I didn't really cook all that much during the week, and when I did cook on workdays it was always something super quick and easy. I was always looking for really quick recipes I could just throw together and pretend I actually cooked that night. One of my first, what I considered "fancier", assembled dishes was this pasta with basil cream sauce. One of my good friends whose dad was a French chef taught this one to me. She said it was her favorite because of how incredibly easy and tasty it was....more

Quick, delicious,and healthy meal in a pinch

Spring is the busiest time of year for my kids with all the different sports they play. The activity level has already started to pick up, and I can feel the stress of getting dinner on the table creeping up on me. Although I love to cook and actually enjoy spending a lot of time preparing dinner (I know some of you think I'm crazy), there are days when there just isn't enough time to do that. However, just because I don't have the luxury of spending a few hours in the kitchen cooking dinner doesn't mean I can't try my best to put a healthy satisfying meal on the table....more

Have you ever had toasted ravioli before?

Have you ever had toasted/fried ravioli before? I don't see it on menus very often, but it's sometimes offered as an appetizer at Italian restaurants or pizzerias. And it's amazing. (Then again, it's deep fried pasta filled with cheese. Of course it's awesome!) When I came home to find a shipment of Monterey Gourmet Foods™ ravioli and pesto to play with, it took me about 2 seconds to decide what I wanted to do with it....more

10 minute dinner anyone?

Pasta is a weakness of mine. Okay, good food in general is a weakness of mine but especially pasta. I adore making it by hand but sometimes, sadly, I don't have the time to make it by hand. On those occasions I like to have a few packages of high quality, pre-made pastas in my freezer. They're a lifesaver, okay maybe just a dinner saver, but you'll certainly be glad they're in there when you're scrambling to get dinner on the table....more

Entertaining does not need to be crazy stressful

Entertaining does not need to be crazy stressful. Case in point: this past weekend I ended up doing an impromptu lunch on Saturday with friends. Being me, and the crazy schedule that is often my life, I had somehow also booked plans for breakfast out with my small group from church beforehand and then a late afternoon wedding afterwards. Which pretty much left me with 30 minutes to prepare a meal for friends. But hakuna matata!...more

How to Make Restaurant-Style White Queso At Home

[Editor's Note: Lesley of Recipe for Crazy had one wish: To be able to make the same kind of white queso dip she found at Mexican restaurants at home. After a lot of research and experimentation, she managed to figure out the secret, and now we're lucky enough to get the benefit of her new-found knowledge! Read on to learn the secrets to making this cheesy dip right in your own kitchen. --Genie]...more
That looks so good!more

Dress Your Pasta In Brown Butter and Bread Crumbs

[Editor's Note: One of my favorite go-to, easy dishes when I want something quick and satisfying is pasta tossed with butter, salt and parsley. The flavor combination is comforting, yet bright (thanks to the parsley). But I love this variation on that theme—browning the butter deepens the flavor and makes the dish a little richer (and a little more grown up), and the crunch of bread crumbs adds texture to the dish. --Genie] ...more
I'm definitely having brown butter pasta tonight Heather!more

Fun Food: How to Make A Cucumber Chain

[Editor's Note: If you're looking for a way to make vegetables fun, this is a winner of an idea. These adorable cucumber chains are quick to make and are a surefire way to get your nearest kid (or, even, adult!) to eat cucumbers like they're going out of style. --Genie] ...more
Great idea:).  Would you consider posting to Time out ...more

How To Make a Healthier Turkey Meat Taco

[Editor's Note: I'm a sucker for Mexican food any day of the week, but a quick taco dinner that's healthy, to boot? That's a total win. Check out this recipe, which features lots of added diced vegetables for a serious nutritional boost! --Genie] ...more
Hiding vegetables in food is actually my favorite past time.  Taco meat, great idea.more