Hummus with a Guacamole-Like Twist

[Editor's Note: Like Gaby of What's Gaby Cooking, I'm a big fan of hummus in all its incarnations. I also love guacamole, and this inventive recipe is like a cross between the two. Sounds like the perfect appetizer to me! --Genie] Avocado Cilantro Hummus I’m a sucker for hummus. I could literally go through a few tubs of it a day if it was constantly available to me. Throw it on some celery or pita chips and I’ll pretty much call it a meal. ...more
Looks deeeelicious.more

Thyme-Roasted Carrots

[Editor's Note: Roasted vegetables make for such a simple side dish, and carrots are perfect for this method of cooking. The thyme in this recipe provides an extra dimension of flavor. Carrots are available from local farmers for a good portion of the year, so take advantage of them! --Genie] ...more
Yum! But when you don't have carrots/don't have time...Chocolate Greens 8000 is tasty - I love ...more

Gluten-Free Tomato & Spinach Black Bean Salad

[Editor's Note: I love hearing about farmers markets in other locales, and this post combines the story of a trip to a local market with a recipe for a fresh, easy vegetarian salad that can be served warm or cold. I'm going to assemble it, I think, to take as part of my work lunches this week! --Genie] ...more
Sounds like a winner -- will try some. :)more

How to Roast Venison in Your Slow Cooker

[Editor's Note: I've never tried to cook venison, but I love the sound of this recipe, which uses the power of the slow cooker to provide extra juiciness to this lean meat. --Genie] ...more

Bell Pepper Subzi with Peanuts

[Editor's Note: This quick, delicious Indian dish is designed as a side dish, but it would also make a great vegetarian main, particularly when served with rice or flatbread. It's not hard to assemble, and I love the instructional video featuring Hetal and Anuja! --Genie] ...more
I was lucky to meet the Show Me the Curry ladies a few years ago at BlogHer and they were ...more

Polenta Rounds with Mushroom-Sausage Hash

[Editor's Note: This comforting dinner will come together quickly on a weeknight, and it features some of my favorite flavors. Making polenta from scratch is easy, but if you're intimidated by that process or simply don't have time, just buy a tube of pre-made polenta at your local grocery store, and slice it into rounds. -Genie] Parmesan Polenta Cakes with Mushroom and Sausage Hash ...more

Vegetable, Ham, Cheese and Rice Casserole

[Editor's Note: This oven-baked one-dish meal was an opportunity for Lauren of Lauren's Latest to take advantage of ingredients she already had on hand. But it's not a hard-and-fast recipe just for that reason—it can be customized to feature ingredients (carnivorous and vegetarian) that just happen to be in your refrigerator and/or pantry. It's also a great way to learn how to bake rice in the oven, a technique that Lauren swears by. --Genie] ...more

Salmon with Lime and Sherry Vinegar Sauce

[Editor's Note: I'm always looking for new variations on salmon recipes. I love its texture and flavor, and it's not a hard fish to cook. This recipe caught my eye because of the unique combination of acidic flavors. I'm looking forward to giving it a try on an upcoming night. --Genie] ...more

How to Make Your Own Taco Seasoning

[Editor's Note: Though I have almost always used commercially-produced taco seasoning, I've long felt guilty pangs every time I open one of those little envelopes. Sure, they're convenient, but they're loaded with more salt than I'd like to ingest with my meat or bean taco filling, and who knows how long those spices have been fading in the envelope? This simple recipe may very well reform my behavior: It's easy, far fresher than the packaged variety, and without a doubt, more delicious. --Genie] ...more
Polish Mama on the Prairie, I think you should definitely share the link! Sounds delicious!more

Slow Cooker BBQ Pork Chops

[Editor's Note: When you've got the kind of day ahead that barely leaves any room to think about a proper meal, this is the kind of recipe you want to have on hand. It requires exactly two ingredients and about five minutes to assemble in the slow cooker before you can run out the door and still have the groundwork for dinner waiting when you get home. Add a salad or some quickly-cooked vegetables on the side and some pre-made rolls, and dinner is served! -Genie] Slow Cooker BBQ Pork Chops ...more
Time to put my crock pot to good