Use Abundant Fresh Tomatoes in Pasta Fresca

[Editor's Note: Tomato season is starting to wind down around much of the country, and is in high gear in California, where I've been eating them at every meal, if I can. If you have an abundance of tomatoes you're trying to use, whether from your garden or local farmers market, try this easy and delicious pasta recipe, which shows off delicious, fresh tomatoes to their best advantage. --Genie] ...more
I bookmarked this! My son would live on fresh tomatoes, if we let him, and I love fresh basil ...more

The Doughnut Hole BLT

[Editor's Note: It's International Bacon Day today, so why not celebrate with this inventive twist on both the traditional BLT sandwich and panzanella. Doughnut holes tossed with BLT ingredients? It might sound odd, but the results look delectable. It's an entirely new way to honor bacon on its big day. --Genie] ...more
No thank you, doesn't sound appetizing to me at all.more

Maple Tempeh Broccoli Pitas

[Editor's Note: This sandwich is vegan, but has a heartiness factor not often seen outside meatier sandwiches. Packed with protein and nutrients, but also loaded with flavor, it's a great lunch or dinner option. --Genie] ...more

Quick and Easy Baked Chicken With Artichokes

[Editor's Note: This dish takes a shortcut toward fast preparation, but is long on flavor and interest, thanks to jarred, marinated artichokes. Des of Life's Ambrosia has developed a recipe that's great for weeknights when you don't have a lot of time to devote to dinner, but you still want a dish that's elegant. --Genie] ...more
made some, made some changes...and it was delishhhhhh.more

Mango Smoothie With Cucumber and Mint

[Editor's Note: This cooling and refreshing smoothie is packed with nutrients. It's also a great way to use summer cucumbers and fresh mint from the garden. It's a healthy treat for August's hot days. --Genie] ...more

Ways to Use Surplus Basil

[Editor's Note: Too much basil is an awfully good problem to have, but it can indeed still be a bit of a challenge. How to use it up before it goes bad or the nights turn chilly again? Pamela of My Man's Belly has some terrific ideas to share. --Genie] What to do with all this basil? Fresh Basil Recipes ...more
Make pesto and freeze it! Yumbo as my kids say !!!!more

The Sweet-Tart Delight of Bread and Butter Pickles

[Editor's Note: For part of my childhood, I thought dill pickles were the only pickle around. Then, someone served me some bread and butter pickles, and it was a revelation. Since then, bread and butter pickles have remained my favorite of the pickle family. This version from Recipe Girl is simple, and sounds so delicious I bet these pickles will barely have a chance to get to know the inside of your refrigerator before they're gone. --Genie] ...more
I heart pickles too! I put them in salads, soup, stuff chicken breast with breadcrumbs, cheese ...more

Colombian Scrambled Eggs with Tomato, Scallions and Corn

This quick and easy breakfast recipe is a fun departure from plain scrambled eggs. And with sweet corn and tomatoes in season, it's a great way to enjoy summer's bounty. --Genie] ...more
I wish I had seen this earlier this morning! But I know what I'm having tomorrow! ...more

Asian-Inspired Sweet and Sour Meatballs

[Editor's Note: This Asian-style meatball recipe sounds terrific, and can be served over rice. According to Taste and Tell, these meatballs also freeze really well for a later meal, though in this case, there weren't any leftovers! --Genie] ...more
I'm a Asian food lover, too.more

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

[Editor's Note: Whether you enjoy a spot of afternoon tea or not, these tea sandwiches are a great way to use summer's cucumber bounty in an elegant, small-bite manner. They're fancy enough for a party, but light enough for a quick lunch or snack, and lovely no matter when you eat them! -Genie] ...more
Good luck ,Great post,y love you! ...more