Indonesian Avocado Shake

[Editor's Note: If you're looking for a decadent treat that also provides a dose of healthy fat, this avocado smoothie from Indonesia is just what you're looking for. It's native to Bali, and is a vacation in a glass! --Genie]...more

Refresh Yourself With Lavender Lemonade

[Editor's Note: One of the loveliest things to do in summer is to mix up some fresh lemonade and sit for awhile on a porch on a warm afternoon, sipping from the frosty glass and reading a book. The lavender in the lemonade lends it a floral note that makes this especially lovely. Mix up a pitcher before summer slips away. --Genie] ...more
Yummy! I love these creative drink combinations:)more

Backyard Dessert: S'mores Cheese Ball

[Editor's Note: I've never thought of cheese balls as being anything but a non-sweet appetizer, but here's a recipe that takes the cheese ball and makes it into a dessert item! It has all the flavors of s'mores, in a dipping-friendly package! --Genie] ...more

Campfire-Charred Eggplant

[Editor's Note: I love eggplant, but have never tried to cook it over a campfire. That will change, now that I've read this evocative post about a backpacking trip in Israel and a wonderful eggplant dish created with very little equipment, only four ingredients, and the incredible seasoning provided by woodsmoke and the great outdoors. --Genie] ...more
Love it!!! more

Kale Wraps With Spicy Mango Dipping Sauce

[Editor's Note: In hot weather, it's good to get raw. These nutritious wraps offer plenty of bang for their no-cook buck, and are totally vegan. They're a healthy way to beat the heat as the summer wears on. --Genie] ...more
looks good!!more

Avocado Spread with Basil and Feta

[Editor's Note: Though most people think of guacamole when they think of avocado, it's a very versatile fruit. In this spread recipe, it gets a Mediterranean treatment with the salty tang of feta cheese and the summery freshness of basil, which is abundant right now. --Genie]...more
Has anyone ever tried avocado egg salad sandwich?! Delicious!   more

Slow Cooker Cool Ranch Chicken for Tacos or Tostadas

[Editor's Note: Though the chicken takes all day to cook in the slow cooker, this recipe is the epitome of a Quicker Dinners option. It's quick to get it underway, and then super-quick to, because it uses the slow cooker, it won't heat up your kitchen on a hot day. It's a great summer dinner idea! --Genie] ...more

Season's Best: Blackberry Lime Popsicles

[Editor's Note: Homemade popsicles are a nostalgic summer treat, and this particular recipe takes advantage of ripe, seasonal blackberries. Serve these outside, though—and preferably near a hose. Blackberry juice will stain whatever it touches! --Genie] ...more
I have a Zoku!

Layered Individual Peanut Butter Pies

[Editor's Note: I refuse to accept that there are good and bad foods...just foods that should be eaten in moderation and others not to worry about. What's great about these little desserts is that though they're incredibly rich, portion control is built right in. Just be sure to use small containers when you assemble them! -Genie] Individual Peanut Butter Pies ...more
*Licking lips* We wish we had this for breakfast. We love peanut butter -Bella and DiDimore

Easy Chickpea and Edamame Salad

[Editor's Note: This light, protein-packed salad is perfect for the latest round of summer heat waves. It's easy to mix up, keeps well in the fridge, and is perfect to eat as part of an outdoor meal. Though it would be a perfect lunch dish, it's also ideal for Quicker Dinners because it comes together in a flash. --Genie] ...more
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