Great Appetizer Idea: Individual Seven-Layer Dips

[Editor's Note: Here's a great way to take a traditional appetizer and make it more convenient for your guests, while making it prettier along the way, too! I love the idea of these small cups of dip, which both provide excellent portion control and give everyone a better view of the layers that make this distinctive appetizer what it is. --Genie] Individual Seven-Layer Dips ...more
This is so tempting and wonderful. I have seven layer dip fans among my kids.more

Celebrate National Pick Strawberries Day with a Strawberry Rhubarb Fizz

[Editor's Note: It's National Pick Strawberries Day today, and those lovely berries are at the peak of the season. If you find yourself with an abundance of them, try making this beverage, which can be served as a non-alcoholic spring treat, or, with the addition of gin, tequila or vodka, kicked up a notch and served as an adult option. Either way, you'll make the most of all those strawberries you picked...or just picked up at your local farmers market. --Genie] ...more
 @HomeRearedChef So glad you're already putting it to work! And happy birthday to your son. :-) more

Smoky Eggplant Couscous With Feta

[Editor's Note: Many people feel strongly about eggplant—I happen to be one of the people who feels strongly in favor of it. This recipe highlights it well, but uses cumin and smoked paprika for a slightly Middle Eastern, smoky edge to the dish. Plus, I love adding dishes to my repertoire that can be on the table quickly on busy weeknights, and this definitely qualifies! --Genie] ...more
Corrie Beebe Taste. I will eat it if it's in something (like a curry) but I just don't really ...more

Shrimp Tacos With Creamy Ranchero Sauce

[Editor's Note: One of my favorite quick-dinner options has always been tacos. There are so many variations to try, and they're all fairly speedy from refrigerator to table. I love this option, which is packed with healthy vegetables—and even some fruit! The ranchero sauce that goes with it sounds fantastic enough that it might be worth doubling that part of the recipe, just to make quick and delicious work of dinner another night that same week. --Genie] ...more

Summer in Texas: Ice Cream & Cannonballs

I don’t need a calendar to tell me that summer is nearly here. The days get longer, the electric bill skyrockets, we enjoy weekend lunches by the pool, evenings are capped with dinner and a beautiful sunset on the patio, and the neighborhood kids get louder with each passing day as they pile off the school bus. They know that there’s an end in sight.I totally remember those days. Nearly two years ago, we decided that we just couldn’t take another Texas summer without a swimming pool. We loaded up our 8 month old daughter and moved to the suburbs....more

Summer Fun with Nestle Drumsticks

Summer is by far my favorite season. There are just so many outdoor activities to be done, so many baseball games to be seen, and so many sprinklers to be run through. Also? A whole lot of ice cream cones to be eaten!Nestlé recently put out some new Nestlé® Drumstick® flavors and I could not be more excited about them. Their Pretzel Dipped Drumstick Cones might just be the best thing that's happened to me all year. They are just like the classic dipped Drumsticks but have pretzel pieces mixed into chocolatey coating!...more

A Drumstick A Day

Growing up, my summers were spent with my family at the Jersey Shore. Long days at the beach ended with a visit to our condo pool. They were quite the enjoyable worry-free summers, to say the least. These days, though, life doesn’t let me escape to the beach or pool in the summertime as much as I’d like. As as young professional working and living in New York City, my friends and I have to find ways to bring our fun summer activities to us. Sometimes it’s going somewhere for brunch where we can enjoy our meal outdoors....more

Summers With Nestle Drumsticks Are A MUST!

With summer quickly approaching, I thought today I would share my love for Nestle Drumsticks with you lovely peeps!! Lets be serious, this girl loves ice cream! And I prefer ice cream cones! I'd much rather grab an ice cream cone on the go than have to make a bowl of ice cream so I'm a Drumstick girl all the way! Drumsticks will forever remind me of summer and my childhood. Summers in Houston are miserably hot so for as long as I can remember, Drumsticks have been my ice cream cone of choice for a nice summer snack!...more

Nestle Drumstick Review + Giveaway

We are inching closer and closer to summer here in Ohio. We keep getting little glimpses of it, an 80 degree day here, an 85 degree day there. It is just enough to break out the shorts, open up the windows and stick toes in the grass. This weekend, we did just that. Off we went to spend some time with the cousins. It was nothing special, just some time playing on the swing set and enjoying this gorgeous weather. We parents got to sit on the deck with the little ones and watch the boys having a blast....more

Summer Fun with Nestle Drumsticks

Ice cream is an almost nightly thing in my house all year long. But in the Summer, it is an afternoon AND nightly thing in my house. As a kid, I always favored Nestle Drumsticks. There was always something magical about the chocolate coated scoop of ice cream, and the hidden chocolate in the bottom of the cone. I remember so many warm evenings when the ice cream truck came by, and I'd count my change in hopes that I had enough for a coveted Drumstick. I love to share nostalgic memories like that with my son....more
Just like you, our family loves the chocolate on the bottom tip of the cone. It sure helps to ...more