Gluten-Free Maytag Blue Mac & Cheese with Snipped Chives

The Seahawks are going to the Superbowl for the second time in two years! I'm so excited, I can barely hold onto my whisk. The Mac & Cheesehawk is back!...more

Churro Cheesecake Bars

Disney Land.. the happiest place on earth!Also.. the place where I first ate a churro.. the best churro ever thanks to my step brother for the introduction to these magical treats.So I knew the moment I saw these Churro Cheesecake Bars I had to give them a try!I must say they almost make me feel like I’m right back at the happiest place on earth.. except I look outside and see the snow storm coming in and I’m snapped back to realty.I found this recipe on Oh Bite It and am SO happy I did. They are so quick and absolutely delicious!...more

Freakin’ Amazing Lasagna Soup

I have become a bit of a Pinterest addict.  I often try a couple of new recipes off of there each week.  I found a  recipe for lasagna soup on the A Farm Girl Dabbles blog  that looked fabulous….but then I took it a few steps further.  I changed it up a bit, and the results were FREAKING AMAZING!...more

Apple Dump Cake a la Mode

 Sometimes don’t you just want a yummy dessert without having to work for it?  I know I do and today we had one that I love.  It is ridiculously easy – 4 ingredients.  Minimal prep time.  Sounds great, right?  Let me introduce you to Apple Dump Cake a la Mode.  You aren’t going to believe how easy this is!...more

Parmesan Crisps

Just a different take on parmesan crisps...petite with a few extra ingredients.

Slow Cooker Turkey Meatballs

Ever since I opened up my presents Christmas Eve and discovered my brand new slow cooker (ok I totally knew I was getting it before Christmas Eve and surprises), I've been wanting to try something a little different from our regular meal plan routine. ...more


This recipe is great for anyone who isn't comfortable about tasting liver because the strong taste of the olives and spices mixed with ground beef in the meatballs hides the flavor and texture of liver really well. [Read more]...more

Shrimp Creole

I’m in a dancin’ mood. Perhaps it’s the Zac Brown currently blaring in the background. Perhaps it’s this dish. Probably a combo of the two.This dish, Shrimp Creole, comes from Belize, though you may think of it more as hailing from New Orleans. You’re not wrong....more

Scot or Not, Join the Burns' night Celebrations with my party Haggis Samosa's

It's here again, Burns' night.  Roll out the haggis.All over the world, Scots will be celebrating their national poet tonight with meals of haggis neeps 'n' tatties (haggis, turnip and potato).  His famous poems and songs will be sung and, for those of us Scots living outside the country a nostalgic tear or two will more than likely be shed....more

Fresh and delicious Chocolate and Orange Scones

You'll love these Chocolate and Orange Scones as a teatime treat, or as a snack. Studded with chocolate chips throughout, and the added orange juice and zest; these chocolate orange scones will become your new favourite afternoon treat. ...more