Apple Pie with Bourbon

I have to confess, when I was growing up Apple pie was my least favorite pie. I remember going around telling my family members that I must not be American because I don't like apple pie or baseball {Gasp!!!}.Nope, my favorites were are pecan pie and football.Which now I know you're wondering what changed, if anything, because here I am making and sharing a recipe for Apple pie....more

Dal Khichdi

Dal Khichdi is a very flavorful and delicious, easy to make vegan and gluten free one pot meal prepared using rice, lentil / dal and aromatic spices.A no onion – no garlic version of the dish is also prepared during festive season. This comfort food is usually served along with boondi and raita....more

Chicken Biryani - Flavorful and Delicious Rice

Chicken Biryani is a flavorful and a classic Indian dish prepared using basmati rice, chicken and aromatic spices.Biryani requires extra time to cook and lot of spices goes into the dish when compared to any other rice recipes but let me tel you, its worth it. Do try out this delicious recipe and I am sure this is going to be frequent item in your kitchen....more

Best of November - Recipes in Review

I've been busy creating recipes to finish this year's Project Cookbook in a Year so I almost panicked when I realized it was the end of the month again and time for the Best of November!  However, to my surprise, we have enjoyed several dishes from the blogging world to share with you!This month I'm all about recipes that are quick and easy while being hearty, nourishing, and loaded with nutrients - because its the holiday season and who has time to slave away in the kitchen?!...more

Cream Cheese Banana Bread

Hmmm...Cream Cheese Banana Bread is an awesome recipe that any banana bread lover will fall in love with. My husband tried it last night after I made it and he could not stop saying: This is the best banana bread I ever had in my life!". It is indeed incredible moist and delicious....more

Apple Pie With Walnuts, Raisins And Candied Orange Peel

This recipe of Apple Pie with Walnuts, Raisins and Candied Orange Peel is a hybrid between the traditional American apple pie and the Romanian style. The result is an elegant, full of flavors pie that will bring joy to you and your guests....more

Recipe: Pancakes

Recipe: PancakesServes: 2Ingredients: - 140 g (2/3 cup + 2 Tbsp) Plain flour - 3 Tbsp sugar  - 2 tsp baking powder  - pinch of salt  - 1 cup water ( or milk)  - 1 egg - 2 Tbsp olive oilMethod:1. Combine the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in a bowl....more

Coconut Crunch Roasted Almonds

 Ok so we know these almonds look like a sugary candy coated treat....but there's NO sugar or candy coating here, just a delicious healthy crunchy snack with a nice hint of ginger. ...more

Pad Ga Prao - flavorful Thai dish

Pad Ga Prao (Pad Ga Prow) is a very spicy, quick and easy to make, flavorful Thai dish that tastes the best when served with steamed rice.Traditionally holy basil is used in the recipe and the dish is topped with fried egg. I have prepared this dish using my favorite tofu. You can always substitute with your favorite meat or veggies.Preparation time : 20 minutesServes : 3...more

Turkey Curry Soup

Turkey Curry Soup.  Great way to use any leftover turkey.  Flavorful and bright, this Thai-inspired soup has unexpected and welcome flavors after Thanksgiving.