Chocolate Banana Cheerios Bars

These treats have a lot going for them: easy, yummy, and definitely kid-friendly. Chocolate Cheerios in a marshmallow treat with the added benefit of banana chips. Perfect for a lunch box or an after school snack! Recipe at ...more

Spaghetti in Chipotle Hot Sauce

Spaghetti In Chipotle Hot Sauce is delicious and spicy pasta with smoky flavor prepared using hot sauce and bell peppers.I always love to try out the pasta with different sauces and variations. I am trying the sauce with the smoky flavor for the first time and I am really in love with this. Easy to prepare and very tasty....more

My (Husband’s) Horrible Fried Rice – Voila Madame Monsieur!

Last December, while I was away in Dresden, my significant other decided, finally, to cook dinner for himself, a meal that involves neither maggi mees nor just the microwave alone. However, instead of jumping straight into the details of the recipe, let me start off from the last part of my entry:...more

What's Cooking | Chicken Kabobs

Chicken kabobs have a been a staple in this family for quite some time now.  Even back when Joe and I were dating and both living in the Chicago area, we would hang out and make Sunday night meals together.  This recipes showed up in the Sunday night rotation a lot.  It's so simple to throw together, but the flavor makes it seem like you spent so much time hassling over it!   ...more

The Mountain Kitchen Tip Tuesday ~ Make A Recipe Binder

Besides this food blog, my recipe binders are probably the most useful and organizational tools I have ever made for my kitchen. As I started cooking more, I needed a way to contain the clutter that came from collecting so many recipes from magazine and newspaper clippings or copies from books. Some of the recipes I have are even handwritten....more

Patrado / Collard Leaves With Indian Twist

Patrado / Collard Leaves With Indian Twist is a very popular, soft, delicious and spicy Konkani recipe prepared using rice, coconut and dry red chill.My mom prepares the best patrado and I still remember my cousins and family members asking her to prepare every time they visit and enjoying it with coconut oil :). When I visited payless store this time, I found this collard leaves and wanted to replicate my mom’s recipe with this. So I gave this a try and the outcome was hit and felt its worth sharing....more

1960s Inspired Food: Meatloaf Muffins with Potato "Frosting"

Have you been watching The Astronaut Wives Club? It’s my new favorite show. I just love that era and how beautiful the woman always look – especially their matching lipstick and nail polish. I’m rarely that put together, but it gives me inspiration. A few episodes back, one of the wives made meatloaf muffins and piped mashed potato “frosting” on top. I new I had to recreate this adorable idea....more

Ćeske Koláče

Ćeske Koláče3 cups scaled milk2 egg yolks beaten2 packages active dry yeast½ cup melted lard¼ cup sugar6 cups flour (about)2 tablespoons saltDissolve yeast and half of the sugar in 1½ cups scaled milk, which has been cooled to lukewarm. Add 1 ½ cups flour. Mix and put in warm place to rise until bubbles appear (1 ½ hours). Add egg yolks, salt, rest of sugar, melted and cooled lard, and remaining lukewarm milk. Beat well....more