It’s time for a new authentic Taiwanese recipe, guys! Over time, the more I cook for myself, the more I find myself going back to the dishes of my childhood. Since I was the oldest kid, I got the brunt of a more traditionally Taiwanese upbringing—including the palette. So now, my comfort foods are these dishes instead of the mac&cheese, pasta, ribs, and pizza that my brother would be seeking out today....more

These Speculoos Christmas Cookies Are a Party In Your Mouth

What could be perfect on your dessert spread this Christmas than homemade traditional Speculoos (Biscoff) Cookies? These spice cookies are a huge hit in Europe, specifically Belgium at Christmas, but are now popular all over the world. ...more

Claire Goes Foraging

I am Margaret Aycock.  This blog follows my life as an artist, organic gardener, forager, cook,and house concert host.  I am an author of 3 books, two are how-to books on the process of painting in oil and one is a soon to be released children's book written and illustrated by me on foraging.  I live in a family of musicians/songwriters/artists, Jesse Aycock, Dylan Aycock ( Scissortail Records)  Scott Aycock.  The book is in the editing stage right now and should be out early next year or possibly this year....more

Betty Crocker Holiday Cheesy Hashbrown Turnovers and Meatballs {Plus PayPal Cash}

Delicious food is a big part of the holidays and for those who enjoy cooking, spending time in the kitchen is typically an enjoyable experience.  The holidays, however, also call for preparations and activities outside of the kitchen including making memories with friends and loved ones.  Check out these two recipes I created by transforming a box of Betty Crocker's Cheesy Hashbrowns.  They can help you make your holiday cooking go by faster and smoother so you have more time to do other things during the holidays.  Whip up these two tasty recipes as side dishes or appet...more

Using Left over mutton curry for Non-veg Pulao recipe

 Every family where cooking takes place there is leftover of food at sometime. My parents taught me notto  waste food at any time of life whether at cooking for a party or eating at a party utilizing it as much as needed. I am mom who believes in saving left over food and using it in making new creative recipes out of it. So , my  recipe I have made out of left over mutton curry with added little other ingredients is Non- veg Pulao. ...more

Savory Beef Jerky

In my last post I mentioned how Jill and Cullyn have been on the road as of late, and that's when I mentioned how in those times it consisted of bread and jerky....more

Three Cheese Lasagna Specially Adapted For Christmas

This lasagna uses mainly ricotta cheese and chicken mushroom stuffing in place of the typical minced-beef-in-bolognese-sauce, which makes non-beef eaters like me very happy. It also comes with an additional topping of salami slices – flown all the way from Germany – to make for a perfect Christmas celebration....more

Glazed Lemon Cupcakes

The Best Glazed Lemon Cupcakes from Ilona's Passion. Plus Free "Merry Christmas" Printable on the Blog....more