Creamed Corn

Simple, easy, no fuss, old fashioned comfort food side dish.

Ghee Rice

Ghee Rice is a very delicious, flavorful, quick and easy rice recipe prepared using rice, ghee, aromatic spices, and your favorite dry fruits.This dish can be served alone or with any curry or dal variety of your choice. You can use basmati rice / jasmine rice or even left over rice for this recipe. This is also a perfect lunch box recipe....more

Honey and Milk Bread

Honey And Milk Bread is a very soft and delicious, flavorful and sweet bread that is definitely worth try....more

The best potato gratin ever, thank you Alice Waters

It’s a fundamental truth: There are few things better than potatoes and cheese in combination. But sadly, I’ve never been able to make a good at home gratin–the pinnacle of cheesy, potato-y goodness. Mine turn out over-oily or too heavy or bland.Well, not today. Today I found Alice Waters’ Potato Gratin from her cookbook Chez Panisse Vegetables. Today I felt in love....more

Chicken Stroganoff

Chicken Stroganoff.  The kids and their significant others are trickling in for Thanksgiving, and they're hungry now.  Everyone loves this rich and creamy stroganoff, and it comes together on the stovetop in one pan.  Love it.

A Thanksgiving Recipe You Won't Want to Miss

Jessica Barrett@jessbarretttnwww.mrsjonescoulduseabeer.comI shared this recipe on my blog last fall, but it's just too good not to pass on again....more

Pumpkin Bread

Homemade Pumpkin Bread should definitely find a place on your dining table this Fall season. This hearty loaf of bread has a perfect balance of earthiness and flavor of pumpkin, and a warm color. Enjoy this bread with a bowl of soup or with a spread of butter. A day or two old slice of bread makes the best french toast ever! Do give this simple bread recipe a try and let me know how it turned out....more

Truth: My Morning Love Affair

I have a love affair with coffee. It has nothing to do with the caffeine although the extra energy is always a plus.Let me walk you through the best way, nutritionally, to make amazing coffee. Then we will get into the juicy details of the love affair....more

Country Harvest Soup Shooters

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Earl Grey Ganache

If you never tried chocolate and Earl Grey tea together, you missed a lot...I did too, as it was for the first time when I made these Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Earl Grey Ganache. I found the recipe in a book  at the library some time ago and fell in love with it......more