Macho Nachos

Barbarian hordes visiting? Huns coming over for board games? Or, are you just spending a quiet afternoon at home with the fam? This recipe will keep you ahead of the pack. Maybe. ...more
@Laine Griffin Hi there, Laine! :) Good! Laughing nachos. Sounds fine to me. What else can we do ...more

Recipe Monday - Easy, Rubbed Salmon

This recipe is thanks to my mom who one day while we were on vacation made us all salmon and I was like wat?...more

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Roasted Beets With Vinaigrette


Sweet and Spicy!

No, I'm not talking about me!!  You'll love this chicken, though!...more

Plated + Served: And the Oscar goes to... Crabby Snacks!

The Academy Award for Outstanding Food in an Oscar nominated film goes to the real star of "Silver Linings Playbook": Crabby Snacks and Homemades!  ...more

Kale, Parsley, Kiwi, And Lime Juice


Old-Fashioned Crumb Cake

Oh my gosh guys.  ...more

Hearts and Flours à la Japonais for Kristen's #Improv Challenge

Sesame seeds delivered in dinner or dessert dishes are eternally in vogue in Japan. Served au natural or in paste form, a smile is almost guaranteed if I incorporate the nutty tidbits into a sweet or savory treat for my Japanese friends. ...more

Poor Man’s Black & White Truffle Wellington Burger

This “poor man’s Wellington,” a burger recipe, sheer delicacy, couldn’t be further from the truth, for there is nothing “poor” about making this dish! This Wellington burger is made with home-ground boneless beef rib meat (one of the tastiest cuts around), and ground a second time with white truffle butter and black truffle mousse-pâté. Lastly, it is shaped, fried and wrapped in delicious, flaky puff pastry. The burger is unbelievably tender and so, so flavorful. It is absolute yumminess!...more
@elaineR.N. I saw the picture on Facebook, and your finished burger Wellington looks marvelous. ...more