Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

These fabulous, low-cal cabbage rolls are so good you'll knock each other over to get to the table first.  Substitute ground turkey or chicken for an even lower calorie option! Life's too short to eat crappy food.  :-)

Sunday Pasta®: Penne con Crema di Carciofo (Artichoke Puree)

The story of the artichoke should be heeded by my wonderful wife and women everywhere.  You see, a long time ago, in ancient Greece,  a beautiful woman named Cynara lived on the island of Zinari.  One day, when Zeus was there visiting his brother Poseidon, he saw Cynara and fell in l...more

Spring Macaroni and Cheese Florentine

Springtime arrived here in Seattle last week, then promptly left for warmer climes. So, we are left with April drizzle and chilly days. However, our brief spring showing gave me inspiration!...more

2-Minute Chunky Salsa

Mothers' Day Recipe

In honor of the upcoming Mothers Day, this one is for Tom's mother, Ellie, who tought us how to make these.  I wish you all could have known her.  She was a sport!  Life's too short to eat crappy food.  :-)

Homemade ketchup + 2 awesome food events!

Note: for two incredible Food Things happening in the next few days, scroll to the bottom of this post. For ketchup, keep reading!...more

Chocolate Chip Cake

I chose my favorite cake recipe for my first post.. It’s delicious and easy to make.. This recipe never fails me!! Ingredients: ...more

Gimme S'more

With the nice weather finally here, and summer getting closer I'm getting more excited about camping; our favorite thing to do in the summer. Something we look forward to when camping is relaxing by a warm fire and roasting good ol' traditional marshmallows!!...more
You're Welcome :)more

Recipe Monday - Salisbury Steak

Delicious salisbury steaks in less than 30 minutes!  RECIPE:...more

Baked Eggs with Kale and Sausage

Happy Monday everyone!...more