Chocolate Truffles...2 kinds

Chocolate Truffles dipped in chocolate or rolled in nuts etc., are easy to make and are a great holiday gift idea.

Strawberry Gazpacho with Chinese five-spice powder and prawns

I’ve devoted my every spare moment to my favourite blog and project Food’n’Chef these past two weeks. And I must admit, this is not an easy task.Just try, for example, to fish out a recipe of an old traditional dish from a Chinese chef who doesn’t speak English. Do you think, it’s that simple?Or get through to Italian Michelin-starred Chef, who at this precise moment is rushing around some desert, as if he had been stung, learning Beduins’ gastronomic traditions in Africa to find inspiration…...more

Bacon and Vegetable Quinoa Stir Fry

I know many of you may read this just for the recipes, and heck maybe the book Daggerspell by Katharine Kerr isn't really relevant to you. Yet for those of you that also follow why my recipes are related to my books - this one may seem some what of a stretch. After all what does stir fry have to do with medieval times? Yet this was kind of a fun fusion dish, and that's why I used quinoa - an ancient grain....more

A Glorious Christmas Tradition: Chocolate Berry Cake and Magic Bowl

When I was little girl, my mum baked a lovely cake the day that we put up the Christmas tree at home. She continued this tradition from my childhood to this day. It's the most magical part of the holiday. Every year, Mum and I plan the day we were to spend together, baking, decorating the tree, and writing our wishes—which is another tradition in our family. ...more
Oh my goodness, it was amazing! Beyond yummy! Not sure how to post a photo of it.more

Coquito ~ Puerto Rican Eggnog

‘Tis the season for eggnog and I’m not talking about just any eggnog, No M’aam! I’m talking about eggnog with a tropical twist, Coquito, or also known as, Puerto Rican Eggnog.I was reminded of this recipe after passing all the eggnog in the milk section at my local store today. I can’t believe I haven’t remembered this version of eggnog, especially after going through my coconut phase.Ok, some might want to call it more of an obsession, but what can I say? I absolutely L-O-V-E the tropical, nutty flavor of this island nut. And obsession is such a strong word {chuckle}.Back to this Puerto Rican eggnog, which is still a thick and creamy drink like the traditional eggnog, yet it has no eggs. That’s right, this is an eggless eggnog. Quite an oxymoron there, wouldn’t ya say? Egg-less Eggnog {smile}....more

Delicata Squash Recipe with Pomegranate

A vibrant and healthy side dish for your holiday table. Gluten-free and Vegetarian.View the Delicata Squash Recipe here....more

#FoodieFriday “Christmas Cold” Remedy

‘Tis the Season! And I’m not talking about the holly jolly holidays … every year around Christmas and the New Year, I come down with a nasty head cold.Well, this year the “Christmas cold” came early. I spent the weekend in my PJs alternating between the bed and couch while self-medicating and liberally applying “breathe” essential oil from my mom. To be honest, I didn’t mind too much because it gave me a perfectly good excuse to be a bum!If you, like me, come down with that post-nasal drip during these wintry months, I have the perfect remedy. Although technically not a food, this is one recipe you won’t want to miss the next time you feel a tickle in your throat. A take on your usual hot toddy, this concoction will clear your sinuses, soothe your throat and help you sleep....more

Pumpkin French Toast

 I loved this pumpkin french toast....more


 Many moons ago I would have been downing 2 large egg-nog lattes and a pumpkin scone by noon, but my new fav is peppermint & chocolate everything.  I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point I became conditioned to crave Peppermint Mocha Latte’s the day after Thanksgiving; from what I can tell, I’m not alone.  ...more