Pretzel Buns

   When I first sought out to make these buns I was somewhat skeptical especially given the water bath with baking soda. Boiling dough before baking – possibility of the dough going crazy in the bath. Infact the first dough ball I attempted to boil opened at the seam slightly but I quickly set it right with the following pieces....more

Croatian Walnut Swirl Bread (Povitica or Orahnjača)

   If you check out my recipe on Cinna-buns with frangipane, you will notice the similarities especially the dough, filling and method).   When the FIFA World Cup fever had set in, I was planning to try out atleast one recipe from each of the participating countries. A few were not familiar – so I was excited about the challenge and adventure. Infact this was somewhat educational too – researching on the food led to reading about those parts of the world, the people....more

Pesto Mayonnaise

   This is one of the tastiest mayo I have made and since I love basil and pesto, I tried this version – I used a freshly made, coarsely ground basil pesto (a small quantity made just for this mayo)....more

Spicy Smothered Shrimp

I can already say that I love Nora Roberts way of writing. I've always been a prose fan, and her writing style is beautiful. ...more


The best kind of recipes are the ones that feel like they shouldn’t count as a recipe because they are so stupid easy. I honestly wasn’t sure if I should post this because of its ridiculous simplicity, but I felt the need to share with the world after eating half of the whole thing on my own because it’s soooo good. Now I’m actually uncomfortably full from it. Totally worth it. [Read more]...more

Easy Fried Tortellini

When it comes to Italian a mozzarella stick isn’t the only thing to be fried!OK OK there is probably more Italian items than just mozzarella sticks and tortellini to be fried too, but for the sake of the post we will pretend.Also, when it comes to Italian, my husband sometimes turns the other way because he gets tired of red sauce, but when I throw in the word fried he turns right back around and comes running for his plate.This crispy outer edge is going to take your love for tortellini to a whole new level....more

Sweet Potato Bread Pudding

It’s sweet, its warm, its absolutely delicious.NO- I didn’t throw Jen in my mixer and bake her on 325!This is the perfect cross of bread pudding and a sweet potato casserole. Bread pudding is something I have never made at home. It’s always one of those things I see on a dessert menu at a restaurant and think YES I must have that!!It really is quite simple to make on your own and believe me it was worth the effort....more

Classic Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! There's nothing more classic than a tradition pumpkin pie this holiday season. This is a super easy recipe and is pretty much fool-proof.Head over for the recipe!

Death by Chocolate Muffins

So like, I should probably preface this by saying you shouldn’t actually eat these for breakfast. They are seriously chocolatey. Also, giving them out to children before they leave for school in the morning is probably frowned upon by their teachers. Ahem, not that I’ve done that. Ever. REALLY....more

Colorful Vegetable Quinoa Salad

If you follow me on Instagram (@swt_catastrophe) you probably saw me post this yummy picture a few days ago. I am by no means a chef but as I continue on my plant-based journey I've begun to enjoy cooking even more....more