Everyone Should Know How to Roast a Chicken

Editor’s note: Gretchen from The Wright Place has declared that knowing how to roast chicken is so important that it should be a prerequisite for marriage. For those of you who are married but don't know how to roast a chicken, you can still save your marriage. Gretchen thoughtfully shares step-by-step photos to roasting the perfect chicken and even gives a trick to getting super-crispy skin. --Jane ...more

A Muffuletta Sandwich That's Even Better the Next Day

Editor’s note: Ardent sandwich lovers usually place the muffuletta, which originated in New Orleans, high on their list of iconic one-handed meals. Bessie from Besserina shows us how to make the legendary sandwich at home, with a delicious olive salad as its base. Piled high with three kinds of cured meats and provolone cheese, it’s a hearty meal that’s hard to resist. --Jane ...more
I love and want this. Yum!more

'Doctor Who' Birthday Cake Made by the Best Mom Ever

Editor’s note: I think Tina from Sugar Bean Baker just won the coolest mom award. She baked her son this utterly over-the-top "Doctor Who"-themed cake for his 16th birthday. The base is made from Rice Krispies treats and the decorative elements from marshmallow fondant. I sure hope Tina’s son knows he has the best mom ever. --Jane ...more
This is actually like the best thing ever, could you pretty please post more pictures of it so I ...more

Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies, a Sweet and Savory Dessert

Editor’s note: Cate from Girls Cooks World has turned dessert upside down with these bacon chocolate chip cookies, which include both bacon fat and candied bacon bits. If that’s not enough, it turns out these porky treats are gluten-free too. Cate preps the dough ahead of time and then bakes them on-site at her friends’ dinner parties. --Jane ...more

Scotch Eggs with Chicken Chorizo: The Pub Classic Gets an Update for the Easter Table

Editor’s note: Even if you’re not celebrating Easter this weekend, these Scotch Eggs would be welcome on any table. Pam from Three Many Cooks updates this pub classic with spicy chicken sausage and bakes them instead of fries them, making it that much easier to serve a crowd. Consider doubling the recipe, because these addictive snacks are guaranteed to go fast. --Jane ...more

Knockoff Reese's Peanut Butter Easter Eggs: How to Make Them at Home

Editor’s note: The Easter Bunny is on his way this Sunday. And I hope he brings some of these homemade Chocolate-Coated Peanut Butter Eggs when he stops off at my house. Ginny from Cooking With Chopin makes it looks so easy to make these vegan treats, which are gluten- and dairy-free too. --Jane ...more
Awesome. I've been eating a ton of these that I got on clearance after Easter so I'd love to ...more

Juicy Slow-Cooker Brisket for Passover

Editor’s note: The feast after a Passover seder is usually a huge one, which can be hard to manage during the workweek. Unsurprisingly, Catherine from Weelicious has figured out how to pull it off, with this slow-cooker brisket. She says it just takes 15 minutes to prep it. A few hours in the slow-cooker later and you have a special occasion-worthy main course for your holiday feast. --Jane ...more
I have to wait until Thursday evening to do our Sedar this year (everyone has something they are ...more

In-N-Out Double Double Animal-Style Burger Dip

Editor’s note: In-N-Out Burger’s fans are steadfast in their love of its not-so-secret menu. And the Animal Style burger is probably the most beloved. Well, Kate from Savour Fare takes all the flavors from that umami bomb and puts it in a dip. It’s perfect party food. --Jane ...more

Easy and Elegant: Baked Alfredo Rigatoni Pie

Editor’s note: It’s not easy pleasing the picky eaters in your household. And Emily from Sugar Plum Blog should know, since she was one. Her gorgeous Baked Alfredo Rigatoni Pie transforms a humble kid-friendly dish into an elegant meal that would be the envy of any table. Read on to find out how she did it. --Jane ...more

Black Tea Cake for Two, Plus Honey Buttercream

Editor’s note: Kristin from Pastry Affair is an avowed lover of black tea. Her appreciation for the British-style brew inspired her to re-create it as a cake. Her Black Tea Cake with Honey Buttercream is made with a tea-infused cake batter flecked with bits of tea leaves. The crowning touch is delicate honey buttercream. --Jane ...more
This looks phenomenal! I've recently started getting into drinking more tea. My choice was black ...more