Quinoa Chicken Chili

[Editor's Note: I'm always on the lookout for hearty, healthy dinner options that don't require a lot of work at the end of the day. This slow cooker dish totally fits this bill, providing lots of protein and flavor after it cooks all day on your counter. It's perfect for a chilly, busy week! --Genie] ...more

Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Popper Chicken

[Editor's Note: This appetizer-inspired chicken main dish comes together quickly, and you can toss together a salad to go with it while the bacon-wrapped breasts are cooking. It's a jazzy option for a quick weeknight dinner! --Genie] ...more
@Moms Dish Agreed!more

Honeycomb or Seafoam Candy

[Editor's Note: If you're one who likes to make batches of candy to share at the holidays, this recipe might be right up your alley. It's a simple recipe, but creates a gorgeous result, and it can be served in a chocolate-dipped or plain version. It's a great alternative to the usual candy fare! --Genie] ...more
honeycomb here in the Uk.. and in my childhood in the north of england it was called 'cinder ...more

Loaded and Stuffed Mashed Potato Monkey Bread

[Editor's Note: Those of you trying to avoid carbs should just look away now, but for anyone who takes comfort in potatoes and bread, I have just the recipe for you. This is a quick-to-make recipe that results in a warm, delightful, pull-apart creation sure to fill your belly with joy. --Genie] ...more
I love this ideamore

Grilled Turkey, Brie, and Cranberry Panini

[Editor's Note: This sandwich might sound like a great way to use Thanksgiving leftovers, but I'm going to assume you've done the right thing and don't have any of those left in your refrigerator, correct? Excellent. Still, if you haven't gotten enough Thanksgiving flavor, this hot and cheesy panini is a great way to get another hit of turkey and cranberry, no matter what the season! --Genie] ...more
I never made my spinster turkey breast so my house would smell like Thanksgiving even though I ...more

Festive Raspberry Martini Mousse Shooters

[Editor's Note: If you're looking for a fun, boozy dessert for an adult holiday gathering, this is perfect. It's relatively simple to throw together, and you can either make chocolate cups to hold the mousse, or go an easier route by just making the shooters in shot glasses. Either way, it's festive and delicious! --Genie] ...more

Energy-Boosting Chocolate Walnut and Maca Bites

[Editor's Note: As the nights get longer in the Northern Hemisphere, some of us might find energy to be in shorter and shorter supply. These energy bites, which are completely raw and vegan, are packed with nutrients guaranteed to boost your energy while keeping your nutrition in balance. They're perfect for powering through the season ahead. --Genie] ...more
@Hot Pink N Chocolate No problem! I hadn't even heard of maca, and now I'm really curious to try it!more

Semolina Sourdough with Plums, Walnuts, and Fennel

[Editor's Note: This time of year, I'm on the hunt for recipes that have special elements to them, but that are a little quieter than the high-octane, overly-sweet or incredibly rich holiday treats making their way to the table. This bread recipe strikes me as perfect: it includes some unusual flavor additions that make it special and festive, but it's still hearty and healthy, which balances out seasonal excess. I would love to find it on a holiday table. --Genie] ...more

Chicken Philly-Style Sandwiches with Provolone Sauce

[Editor's Note: If you're a fan of Philly-style cheesesteaks, this is the recipe for you. Using pre-cooked chicken or picking up a rotisserie chicken on the way home will help you make short work of this recipe, which sounds like it would be comforting and delicious on a chilly night. --Genie] ...more
These look and sound delicious. I'm going to mix up some dough for crusty french bread so it has ...more

Spicy Hazelnut & Cocoa Truffles

[Editor's Note: This recipe calls for dried Espelette peppers, an item that is probably most easily found in Europe, but that can be ordered online if you're not able to find it in a local store. You can also substitute regular paprika, though I also think either smoked paprika or even crushed red pepper would work almost as well, though they'd change the spice and flavor profile of these truffles a bit. Regardless of what direction you go, they'd be a lovely addition to a holiday dessert table. --Genie] ...more
@HomeRearedChef I love spice with my chocolate! Burn+sweet=Excellent. :-)more