Valentine's Day: The Perfect Time for Cards!

I used to make sure my holiday cards were addressed, stamped and in the mail the day after Thanksgiving. Then, one year I stopped. Cold turkey, so to speak.  Only problem? People kept sending us cards -- and the Jewish guilt kicked in. It's wrong to receive and not give. What to do? Sure, I could send cards later in the season, but by then everything was crazy busy. The next best option turned out to be the right option. Forget Christmas and Hanukkah cards. How about Valentine's Day? ...more

A New Year Has Started

 Reviews and interviews at Book Readers ...more

New Year's Day Collard Greens

Happy 2015! We made it!!!...more

Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to continue posting recipes from my family’s dinner party from last weekend. The first recipe I posted was this awesome green beans side dish – green beans with cranberries, almonds and goat cheese in a fig balsamic glaze....more

Ring In the New Year with Healthy Cranberry Goat Cheese Bites

Happy (almost) new year! How are you going to ring in 2015? We love New Years Eve gatherings because they offer us a time to get together with friends and celebrate new beginnings with laughter and style....more

8 Easy and Festive Cocktail Recipes to Ring in the New Year

Oh, Champagne, how I love you—and how difficult you are to drink all night long. Palates fade, and your second (or third) glass starts feeling less sparkly and more sticky-sweet. It's a sacred tradition to begin and end any New Year's Eve party with bubbles, but it's tricky to keep a cocktail party going without … well, cocktails. ...more
I need that Commodore barware.more

"No hay felicidad completa"

The last day of the year.As last night's shadows disappear slowly and our new day rises bright and clear, that's how I want to think about the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015.Everyone today hurries to scribble their resolutions and hopes for the upcoming year and that's fine.   There is absolutely nothing wrong in hoping to carry ourselves better than the day before....more

Making our New Year's resolutions

Image taken from www,the-joy-of-living.comDo you usually make New Year’s resolutions? If your answer is yes then you are like me and the rest of this world. We all make resolutions every year.And I am reminded of this question since three days from now it would be 2015. My practice of making New Year's resolutions started long ago when I was a pupil of Tagoloan Central Pilot School....more